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Friday, October 23, 2009

Congress wins 9 out of 11 seats where Rahul Gandhi campaigned, 22 Oct 2009

Camp: New Delhi

Date: 22nd October 2009

Time: 7:00 PM

Congress wins 9 out of 11 seats where Rahul Gandhi campaigned

With the declaration of election results for three state assemblies, Congress is going to form government again in Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh. Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi campaigned for three days in Maharashtra and Haryana. The Congress won majority of seats where the young leader addressed election rallies. Out of 11 seats, where Congress General Secretary addressed rallies, the party won 9 seats. Congress General Secretary addressed rallies in Kalamnuri, Teosa, Yavatmal, Chandrapur, Panvel, Pune cantonment, Shahada, Aurangabad in Maharashtra and Ateli, Ballabhgarh, Samalkha in Haryana. The Congress won all except Samalkha and Chandarpur in these elections.

In Maharashtra where Congress General Secretary addressed rallies, the party retained two seats namely Pune Cant and Aurangabad while it gained 5 seats from other parties. The new seats which congress gained from other parties are Yavatmal, Teosa and Shahada from BJP, Kalamnuri from Shiv Sena and Panvel from Peasants and Workers Party of India. BJP could retain only Chandarpur out of four seats it retained earlier.

In Haryana, Congress retained Ballabhgarh while it gained Ateli from an independent while it lost Samalkha. .

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi meets slain police officer's family in Jharkhand, 15th October 2009

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi meets slain police officer's family in Jharkhand, 15th October 2009
Camp: Ranchi/ Daltonganj(Jharkhand)
Date: 15th October 2009
Time: 1 :00 PM
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi meets Induwar Francis’ family
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi met the widow and children of police inspector Induwar Francis who was killed by Maoist guerrillas last week. Congress General Secretary went to Francis’ house today and spent about 15 minutes with the family. Congress General Secretary cited the example of his own father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and consoled them.

Sunita, the policeman’s widow said, ““He cited his own example. He told us to overcome the grief and said that everything will be all right.”

The police officer was abducted by Maoists on September 30 from Hembrum market of Khuti district. Later, his dead body was found on the Ranchi-Jamshedpur national highway.

Congress General Secretary also attended a meeting of Youth Congress at Daltonganj. The venue of meeting was fixed at airport campus itself. Interacting with around 300 youths of adjoining localities he reiterated that from now on, there will not be any nomination in the party’s youth organizations. He said that whoever has to go ahead in these organizations, they will have to go through their work. He further said that there will not be any pressure on Panchayat units from district level organization.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Congress General Secretary interacts with party workers and women in J' khand, 14th October 2009

Camp: Dhanbad/Hazaribagh( Jharkhand)
Date: 14th October 2009
Time: 5:20 PM
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi visits Dhanbad and Hazaribagh, interacts with party workers and women
On the first day of his two day visit to Jharkhand, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi visited Dhanbad after interacting with tribal youths and party workers in Sahibganj and Dumka. In Dhanbad, Congress General Secretary had a meeting with Youth Congress delegates from four adjoining parliamentary constituencies, namely Giridih, Koderma, Hazaribagh and Dhanbad. The meeting took place at Penman Auditorium in the campus of Indian Institute of Mines (ISM).

Outside the meeting venue students of ISM waited in queue to pledge their demand to the young leader. There has been a constant agitation going on in ISM campus to grant it an IIT status. Students demanded the same to Congress General Secretary. Congress General Secretary assured them that he will raise this issue before the Ministry of Human Resource and Development.
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Congress General Secretary interacting with tribal youths and party workers in J Khand, 14th Oct .2009

Camp: Sahibganj/Dumka(Jharkhand)

Date: 14th October 2009

Time: 2:30 PM

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on a two day visit to Jharkhand

Kicking off his two day tour to Jharkhand, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi visited Sahibganj. There he had an interaction with tribal youths.Congress General Secretary paid his homage to the legendary tribal leaders Sidhhu and Kanhu.The meeting took place in Sidhhu-Kanhu Sabhagaar. Congress General Secretary talked to tribal youths regarding their hardships and aspirations.He also discussed the problems being faced by people of Santhal Paragana.

Thereafter, Congress General Secretary left for Dumka where he attended a meeting of Youth Congress workers. There he said that the process of change in the party’s youth organizations have begun and leadership will not be imposed to them from the top. “The people who will win the election in these organizations will go through training and tickets will be given to them considering their abilities,” he said. He asserted that grassroot workers will be encouraged in the party organizations and from Panchatyats to Loksabha these people will be given importance.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi interacting with media in Shimla,13th October 2009

Camp: Shimla(Himachal Pradesh)

Date: 13th October 2009

Time: 11:00 AM

October 13, 2009

Attach no importance to Pakistan : Rahul Gandhi

- “Comparison with India a misfit pursuit”

With far-reaching impact in fast evolving multi-lateral diplomacy among the nations, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi in a very

hard-hitting, yet subtle, tone said Pakistan could not be compared with a great country like India.While addressing media persons here on Tuesday, Gandhi categorically said Pakistan does not deserve even ‘half the importance’, as being accorded to, in our country.“Geographically, Pakistan is just a small piece of land and its comparison with our country is a misfit pursuit,” candidly remarked Congress general secretary. On Tuesday, he was on a day-long visit to Himachal Pradesh to woo students for the party’s student wing - the National Students Union of India (NSUI).

Delving further on current situation in the neighbouring country, Gandhi said Pakistan’s internal issues do have some bearings on our country but we accord too much time considering them important and crucial, Gandhi emphasized. “In my view, it (Pakistan) deserves not even half the importance we attach to it,” Gandhi told mediapersons.Reflecting on the changing global mindset towards Pakistan, he said the attitude of the world in general towards it (Pakistan) has gone under change in recent past, he remarked, adding that same having emerged only after arduous and protracted efforts by India at all platforms.
“The entire world is putting pressure on Pakistan. Certain issues related to Pakistan have to be taken into consideration and which is already being done. And, we are placed comfortably. There is no comparison between India and Pakistan,” further said Congress general secretary.
Gandhi, taking a dig at the opposition parties in particular the BJP, said, “ They (the BJP) talk about Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah. But, then he (Jinnah) is in realm of the history and for me, it is just not possible to even think about Jinnah even for five seconds or for that matter, even for one second also.”

He further remarked about the BJP’s ‘India Shining’ slogan and how same was discarded by the people at large in 2004 general elections. Within the elite structure of the society in urban pockets only, India was shining, Gandhi said, adding, “We believe in the ideology of uplift of the poor and the down-trodden.”
Commenting on the criticism about his visits to villages, he said that these were meant primarily to get first-hand information about the real situation in the country and for necessary measures to redress problems. In a frank admission, Congress general secretary said political parties, including Congress, BJP and others, had not been open to bring the youth under respective folds. “With an aim to democratise the process of active participation, we are sincere about same in our frontal organisations of the party, Youth Congress and NSUI,” Gandhi said, adding that nominations would be a thing of the past and only elected people would man these set-ups.
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Congress President addressing an election rally at Nuh(Haryana),11th October 2009

Camp: Nuh (Haryana)

Date: 11th October 2009

Time: 1:30 PM

Congress committed for prosperity of all: Sonia Gandhi

“Make comparison with past regimes on development scale”

October 11, 2009, Nuh (Haryana): Expressions were profuse and well-punctuated with gratitude as All India Congress Committee president Sonia Gandhi thanked a mammoth gathering while addressing an election rally at Nuh in Haryana on the concluding day of election campaign on Sunday, for making the Congress party the biggest political force in the state since 1999.
“I feel a sense of pride whenever I come here as Haryana has a special place in the Indian culture and its freedom movement. I salute this land of brave people whose patriotic loyalty is written in golden letters in the history of India,” remarked Congress president.
Harping on the developmental issues and the party’s concern for the common people, Gandhi told the gathering that until the weaker section of the society gets uplifted, the basic objective of development could not be achieved.
Congress President said, “Our party fights for your cause. For instance, it has worked for the progress of Mewat. The Haryana government has created a Mewat Development Board and Mewat has been made a district.”
She further said, “Drinking water has been a problem in this region. As a redressal measure, the Hooda government launched Rajiv Gandhi Drinking Water Scheme worth Rs 425 crores in this region. And you know, I had myself come here to inaugurate this project.”
Reflecting on the national agenda of the Congress-led UPA government, Gandhi said about their commitment for development of minorities and women in the country. With an aim to bring them in the mainstream of the socio-economic structure, she said that UPA government has created a separate ministry.
Recommendations of the Sachar Committee are being implemented fast and the central government is developing those districts where minorities have a sizeable presence, Congress president said, adding that the government is also providing scholarships to the students of minority communities under Maulana Azad Foundation.”

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Congress General Secretary addressing a poll rally in Ballabgarh(Haryana), 10th October 2009

Congress General Secretary addressing a poll rally in Ballabgarh(Haryana), 10th October 2009
Camp: Ballabgarh(Haryana)
Date: 10 October 2009
Time : 4: 00 PM
We have to wage a war against poverty: Rahul Gandhi

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally in Ballabgarh said that this assembly is being fought between two different ideologies. He said that one ideology belongs to Congress, which speaks of common man and other talks about India Shining and some chosen people. “In recent Loksabha election, you elected Manmohan Singhji as your Prime Minister, at that time too, both these ideologies were in front of each other.” He further said, “We say if this country makes progress, each and every person will move forward whether he is a poor, Dalit, farmer, labourer or a Tribal. But our opposition talks about an exclusive development benefiting some selected peoples.”
Congress General Secretary said that in the election of 2004, there were two slogans during the election campaign. “One was India Shining which meant India was progressing fast. First of all, the slogan was in English. When someone asked a senior opposition leader about this slogan as to where did they find it; they said they got it while watching a television advertisement. They did not come to you; they did not go to the farmers, labourers, nor they asked them whether their part of India was shining or not. They just put it on television and sought your support,” he said. He further said, “In that election we gave you the slogan of aam aadmi. We talked about the poor, Dalits, farmers and an inclusive government. And you told them that you need a government which cares for all; and not only talks about the rich and big peoples.”
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Congress General Secretary addressing an election rally in Samalkha(Haryana), 10th October 2009

Camp: Samalkha(Haryana)
Date: 10th October 2009
Time: 1:00 PM

Will send every member of Youth Congress to work in the villages: Rahul Gandhi

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally in Samalkha(Haryana) criticized opposition parties for ignoring the poor, farmers and villagers. He said, “One of the Chief Ministers of NDA had said that the country did not need farmers; we have computers and IT. They get their food grown by farmers still they criticize them. However, we say that the farmers are the backbone of this country; that’s why we waived the loans worth Rs 60,000 crores. We provided mid-day meal in the government schools and all we did and do is for the welfare of the poor.”

Congress General Secretary said that the UPA government launched the biggest ever Employment Guarantee Scheme, NREGA, for the poor. “Because we felt that the previous NDA government had completely ignored the poor and farmers,” he said.

Talking about his visits to villages he said, “When I go to villages and stay at poor people’s houses, our opposition wonders why Rahul Gandhi is going to poor people’s house? They feel ashamed of it. Once a minister from England came to meet me in Delhi. He asked me where does India's strength lie. I said, if you want to understand the strength of India, you have to step out of Delhi, you have to go to villages and talk to poor people, farmers and women. I took him to a village in UP where he spoke to villagers, ate with them and spent a night there. On his way back to Delhi, he told me that he understood why India is making so much progress. But the next day I read in newspapers, senior BJP leaders criticizing me asking why am i showcasing the poverty of India to a foreigner. Basically, our opposition leaders are ashamed of the conditions under which poor people live and they don’t want to even talk about it.”

Congress General Secretary said, “Our opposition leaders feel ashamed in talking on poverty; while we want to find out the root cause of poverty and eliminate it” He further said, “During the campaign in last general election, our opposition talked about Pakistan, terrorism and Jinnah but they never talked about poverty. This word does not suit them.”
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Congress General Secretary addressing an election rally in Amravati(Maharashtra), 9th Oct. 2009

Congress General Secretary addressing an election rally in Amravati(Maharashtra), 9th Oct. 2009

Camp: Amravati (Maharashtra)
Date: 9th October 2009
Time: 2: 00 PM

Congress works for Dalits, poor and backward people : Rahul Gandhi

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally in Amravati (Maharashtra) reiterated that these elections are being fought between two ideologies. While Congress-led UPA speaks about Dalits ,Tribal and poor people the other ideology is that of the opposition which talks about India Shining and progress for a chosen few. He said, “We say if India moves forward, every section of the society will move forward. Dalits, Tribals and the poor will move forward together. In 2004 elections there were two alliances. Manmohanji and Soniaji called for aam aadmi, while the NDA called for India Shining. The NDA created their slogan in English, which half of India could not understand. They did not go and talk to you; they just made their slogan by watching television. In that election, you told them your India was not shining. You told them that you need an aam aadmi's government.. You told them that you would vote for Manmohan Singhji, Soniaji and the Congress Party. You would bring to power a government that works for poor people, for Dalits and Backwards.”

Rahul Gandhi sought people's support in ensuring that the government of aam aadmi gets anothert term, so that the poor, the backward and Dalits could be served better.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rahul Gandhi addresses a rally in Maharashtra_8th Oct 2009

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi addressing a rally in Panvel(Maharashtra), 8th October 2009 PDF Print E-mail

Camp: Panvel(Raigarha, Maharashtra)
Date: 8th October 2009
Time: 1:00 PM
We have to build one India : Rahul Gandhi

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally at Panvel in Raigarha district of Maharashtra, appealed to vote for Congress-NCP alliance for the welfare of common man. He said that people of Maharashtra have two options before them in this assembly election. “One ideology is that of Congress which talks about aam aadmi, backwards and the poor while other talks about India Shining and some selected people,” he said.

Congress General Secretary said that India under the UPA government is progressing very fast. “We had promised in 2004 that if country moves forward, aam aadmi will move forward; and we have fulfilled that promise,” he said.

He further said that the UPA government launched NREGA for the rural poor to provide them 100-days guaranteed employment. “Wherever we go, we ask the people that which scheme benefits you most? They talk about NREGA; but during parliamentary debate our opposition had criticized it saying that we were wasting money,” he said. He further asked, “The money meant for rich class is not a waste, then how can the money spent for the poor be a waste?”
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