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Monday, December 28, 2009

We have to fight for the cause of people: Sonia Gandhi

December 28, 2009, New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi today laid the foundation stone of Indira Gandhi Bhavan at Kotla Road in New Delhi on the occasion of 125th anniversary celebrations of the Congress Party. This building will be the new headquarter of Congress party...

On this occasion she said that this is the time to take inspiration from the golden history of the party. Congress President said, “We have gathered here to celebrate the 125th anniversary of our party and we will try to find the source of strength which has guided us in facing the challenges over the years. In the coming year, we will remember our ancestors whose sacrifices and contributions have brought us here, without which it would not have been possible. We will remember those events which built a new India and which brought changes in the social, historical and economic life of our nation. Indian National Congress has always led a secular, democratic and accommodative India. It has empowered those who have been deprived and downtrodden for centuries. It has linked the tradition with modern ideas and developed unity among diversity. Indian National Congress was a people’s movement which led this country towards freedom from an imperial rule. It also led a movement to provide its citizen the social, economic and individual liberty. It was the party which laid the foundation stone of a modern India. It is a party which built the infrastructure for a powerful nation and pushed overall development.”
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Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi concludes two-day visit to his constituency

December 23, 2009,Amethi(UP):On the concluding day of the two-day visit to his parliamentary constituency on Wednesday, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi in the morning at Munshiganj guest house, met and discussed with the public and members of different delegations about several issues related to problems of the region...
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Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi visits his mother’s constituency

December 23, 2009,Amethi(UP): Stressing on significance of alternative energy sources for comprehensive prosperity even in interior regions, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday evening interacted with women self-help groups in Kalyanpur Surjai village in the district Raebareli...

The village, equipped with solar energy, falls under the parliamentary constituency of his mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Notably, Kalyanpur Surjai village is among 2,000 villages in the country which has been electrified through non-conventional means. There are six hamlets in the Raebareli and Amethi parliamentary constituencies, which are electrified by alternative means.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on a two- day visit to Amethi

December 22, 2009, Amethi(UP): After his visit to Bundelkhand, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi visited Amethi today to have a discussion with local party leaders and workers regarding upcoming Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council elections. He appealed to them to bury their differences and fight the election unitedly...

Congress General Secretary is on a two- day visit to his constituency and he held meeting with the leaders of adjoining three parliamentary seats including Aemthi, Raebareli and Sultanpur. The meetings held in phases were attended by MPs, MLAs, former MPs, ex-MLAs, block and Panchayat leaders. During the three hour long discussion, Congress General Secretary asked the leaders to strenghthen the party at grassroot level. He also inquired about party’s situation at Nyaya Panchayat and village level. He also reviewed the party’s campaign of making at least one active member in a cluster of 50 houses.

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Rahul Gandhi’s visit a pleasant surprise for poor Rekha Devi in remote Guaoli village

December 22, 2009: It is said seeing is believing. But, for Rekha Devi, a marginalised landless woman of remote Guaoli village in Babina Block on Monday evening the sudden arrival of Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi left her in quite bewilderment...

She could not believe in first instance to have Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi within the confinement of her mud-hut with no basic amenities to qualify even as a household. But, then finding Congress General Secreatry Rahul Gandhi in her mud hut, made her astonishingly jubilant, a fact she termed something as ‘unimaginable’ and the reality something as ‘magical’.

After attending a meeting with women self-help groups in the locality, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi moved to Rekha Devi’s house and had discussions about the family and the problems being faced by them. Her husband Dwarika Prasad Raikwar works as labourer in a factory in Haryana and had returned to his house in Koni Purva hamlet just a day before.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Rahul Gandhi with Self Help Group women in Bundelkhand, 21 Dec 2009

Camp: Jhansi(UP)

Date: 21st December 2009

Time: 6:00 PM

Rahul Gandhi with Self Help Group women in Bundelkhand

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi visited Jhansi today to have an overview of Self Help Groups run by women. He visited Ghisauli village, 10 km from Jhansi to attend a meeting of SHGs members. He interacted with them and took stock of developmental work under progress in the area.

Congress General Secretary has been concerned for the development of Bundelkhand region and has played a major role in getting a huge package for this region sanctioned by the Central government.

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Rahul Gandhi with Self Help Group women in Bundelkhand December 21, 2009, Jhansi(UP)

December 21, 2009, Jhansi(UP): Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi visited Jhansi today to have an overview of Self Help Groups run by women. He visited Ghisauli village, 10 km from Jhansi to attend a meeting of SHGs members. He interacted with them and took stock of developmental work under progress in the area...
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Congress President presides over ‘Development Work’ meeting ,Raebareli, 12th Dec 2009

Camp: Raebareli (UP)

Date: 12th December 2009

Time: 6: 00 PM

Congress President presides over ‘Development Work’ meeting

On a two days visit to Raebareli Congress President Sonia Gandhi expressed concerns over the slow implementation of the various central government scheme. Presiding over a meeting of the District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee (DVMC) Congress President expressed her displeasure about the poor quality of the work and incessant delays in the implementation of the Central Government’s developmental schemes.

At the DVMC meeting today Congress President asked the officials to maintain a proper record of the minutes of the meeting. Enquiring about the Swajal Dhara Scheme and installation of hand pumps in the villages she asked the officials on the progress of work on the dredging of canals.

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Congress President meets ' Bal Congress chief's parents, Raebareli, 11th December 2009

Camp: Raebareli(UP)

Date: 11th December 2009

Time: 4:30 PM

Congress President meets ' Bal Congress chief's parents

Abhishek Jaiswal, Bal Congress President lost his life last month after succumbing to a burn injury in a fire that took place in his house at Lalganj. He was rushed to hospital but he could not be saved. Just three day before Children’s Day, Abhishek died on November 11.

Abhishek Jaisawal had set up a Bal Congress in Lalganj and brought hundreds of children in its fold. Before the Loksabha elections this year, Abhishek was shouting ‘Priyanka Gandhi Zindabad’ in one of her meetings. He caught the attention of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in that meeting. Called by her, he informed that he had set up a “Bal Congress” and gone door-to-door to enroll about 100 students. Apparently reminded of her grandmother Indira Gandhi’s Vanara Sena, Priyanka was touched by the youngster’s enthusiasm. “Adhyakshaji, I will bring my two children next time. Please make them members in your organisation. Your membership will go up to 102.” Addressing the gathering later, she made a special mention of the Bal Congress president.

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Congress President Sonia Gandhi in Raebareli, 11th Dec 2009

Camp: Raebareli(UP)

Date: 11th December 2009

Time: 1:45 PM

Congress President Sonia Gandhi in Raebareli

Congress President Sonia Gandhi is on a 2-day visit to Raebareli. She entered her constituency via the villages of neighboring Unnao district. Congress President visited Chandramanikheda, Prahladkheda, Barwaria, Rasoolpur and interacted with villagers. She asked them about the developmental schemes and its proper implementation. She heard their problems and assured them.

Congress President took stock of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). She also visited schools and had first hand account of Mid-day meal and scholarships. She instructed officials about the proper implementation of these schemes.

She will visit Unchahar in the evening. Congress President will also visit Raebareli district headquarter tomorrow and attend a series of meetings. She will preside over a meeting of District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee. .

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Congress President addressing rallies in Jharkhand, 8th Dec 2009

Camp: Ghatsila/ Gumla(Jharkhand) Date: 8th December 2009 Time: 4:00 PM No place of violence in the Politics: Sonia Gandhi

Congress President Sonia Gandhi while addressing rallies in Jharkhand said that the UPA government at the centre has done a lot for the welfare of the poor. She said the people of Jharkhand needed a stable government which only Congress could provide. She was addressing rallies at Ghatsila and Gumla. Congress President said that the youths of the state need technical education and she will do everything to provide them this opportunity. She further said that Jharkhand and some other states are facing the menace of Naxalism and some people have opted for violence. “Whoever is indulged in violence, they should come to talk and have a solution of the problem,” she said.

Congress President said that people will be provided the opportunity of development, so that every section of the society should have participation in the growth. At the same time she said that it is our duty to fight the politics of violence.

Congress General Secretary interacting with media in Lucknow, 8th Dec 2009

Camp: Lucknow(UP)

Date: 8th December 2009

Time: 12:00 Noon

Future of UP is my concern: Rahul Gandhi

On second day of his UttarPradesh visit, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi interacted with the media . He started his interaction with an opening remark, “As in rest of the states, Youth Congress and the NSUI is going through the elections and same is being done in UP. And the thought behind this as you all well know is to bring the youth into politics on the basis of merit. We have got good response in UP, even more than my expectation. People across caste and religion are showing interest in this scheme.
I am quite happy to see all this. So, this is our process and our first step. We will finish it within a year in the country and it will convert into a continuous system onwards”.
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Congress President Sonia Gandhi turns 63 today

December 9, 2009 : It is not just a coincidence for Congress President to have a prominent place at national and international sphere, her contemporary position is a result of her continuous struggle. After the assassination of her husband in 1991, she wished to keep herself away from politics , but circumstances prevailed and when she arrived she changed the Indian political scenario which is rare in the political history of a nation...
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Monday, December 7, 2009

AMU teachers to help Rahul Gandhi cleanse political system, Aligarg, 7th December 2009

Camp: Aligarh(UP)

Date: 7th December 2009

Time: 1: 30 PM

AMU teachers to help Rahul Gandhi cleanse political system

During his visit to Aligarh today, Congress General Secretary also met the teacher’s association of Aligarh Muslim Unvierstiy and had discussion on various issues. The Aligarh Muslim University Teacher’s Association( AMUTA), welcomed his move to cleanse the political system from corrupt and divisive elements. The association also supported his efforts to provide minorities equal rights.

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Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi's student interaction at AMU, Aligarh(UP), 7th December 2009

Camp: Aligarh(UP)

Date: 7th December 2009

Time: 1:00 PM

“Let more youth leaders emerge from the minority community”: Rahul Gandhi

Kicking off his 2-day tour to Uttar Pradesh, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi visited Aligarh to attend a series of meetings in the city. During an interaction with students in the Kennedy Hall of Aligarh Muslim University, he talked at length on various issues of the day.

Replying to a query on AMU to be granted a minority status, he said that the government of India is implementing many welfare schemes for minorities and he will bring the matter before it. He talked on Sachar committee report and minority welfare. He further said that the community should groom more youth leaders.

Congress General Secretary said that India and Bharat are two realities of this country but we have to move forward together. “We can’t ignore Bharat, but we can’t even destroy India,” he said. He was talking on growing urban and rural divide in the country. He also put his views on central and state relationship for executing developmental schemes smoothly.

Talking on pro-poor schemes of the UPA government he said that Unique Identification Number(UIN), will be a great help to the poor. He said that it is the poor who do not have any identity.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Will bring more schemes for adivasis, as we have done before: Rahul Gandhi

December 4, 2009,Latehar(Jharkhand): Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally at Latehar said that this election too is an election between two ideologies similar to the recently held Loksabha elections. One ideology talks of aam aadmi, the poor, Dalits and adivasis; while another one talks about some selected people. “The ideology of Congress Party is that of aam aadmi, Dalits and adivasis while opposition talks of India Shining. We say if development takes place, it must include every section of society while our opposition says it will happen for only few people”he said...

Congress General Secretary said that the UPA is running the central government since 2004 and there are numerous achievements to its credit. He said, “The biggest ever Employment Guarantee Scheme in the world, the NREGA is being carried out by UPA government. It is providing 100-day guaranteed employment to the poor villagers. Keeping in mind the plight of the farmers our government waived their loan worth Rs 60,000 crores.(Watch Video ) It is also running Mid-day meal scheme for the school going children across the country.”

Talking about the Forest Bill meant for ensuring the right of people living on forest land he said that this is a major achievement of the government. He further said, “When we launched the NREGA, our opposition had criticised the scheme saying that where was the money going to come from? They even said that the money was being wasted on this scheme. This is unfortunate that money meant for farmers and poor people is termed as waste; while money going to big people becomes productive.”

He cited his village visit with a British Minister and said how opposition had ridiculed him. He said, “The British Minister wanted to know the real strength of India. I told him if he wanted to see the strength of India, he will have to go outside big cities. I took him to my constituency and we spent night there. That British Minister was impressed to see the energy of villagers. But next day what I saw in newspapers that all the leaders of opposition were saying that I am making mockery of India’s poverty.” He further said, “That Britisher understood the strength of India but our opposition could not.”
Congress General Secretary said that he visited villages because he had full faith in their capabilities and “That’s why we work for them,” he said.

Congress General Secretary said that our opposition always talks big but never talks about poverty. “They talk about terrorism but they will not talk about poverty which is the most important issue.” He asked, “What is the need for literacy? What is the need for health care system? It is needed as we have to bring out our millions of family from the poverty trap. This is a big question before Soniaji and this is a big question before Manmohan Singhji.”(Watch Photo )(Other News )

He cited different party’s rule at Central and in the State as a big hurdle in implementing pro-poor schemes. He said, “Whatever we design for the poor from the Centre , it does not reach to them due to reluctance of the State governments. In the case of NREGA and many other programmes it has been noticed.”

He appealed to them to bring a government in Jharkhand which would work for the adivasis, Dalits and the poor.

Earlier, Congress General Secretary addressed a rally at Bermo near Bokaro and said if UPA is voted to power, it will make special schemes for the adivasis. He criticised BJP for its promise of providing food grains at cheaper rates saying that the UPA is already doing that through Public Distribution System.
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Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi interacts with children, 1st December 2009

Camp: New Delhi

Date: 1st December 2009

Time: 5:00 PM

Rahul Gandhi interacts with children at Parliament complex

December 1, 2009, New Delhi: Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has always liked the enthusiasm of the youth and time and again, he has expressed his feelings. But, it was really a pleasant surprise for a group of children from Punjab who visited Parliament and had had an opportunity to interact with the young leader. Congress General Secretary was pleased to hear from the students that some of them wanted to join politics. “We came to see Parliament with our teachers and it was a pleasant surprise that we met Rahulji,” said an excited Siwani, a class X student of Heritage Public School, Bhawanigarh.
Around 50 students in a group waited for Rahul Gandhi outside the Parliament after witnessing Question Hour in the Loksabha. “Rahulji asked us whether we would like to join politics after our studies and we said why not, if we get a chance,” said a student. Mr Singla, the teacher with whom the students came to see Parliament said, “I am bringing these young students to see Parliament and its proceedings. Today, it was a bonus for these children as Rahulji met them here.”

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