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Monday, March 28, 2011

Congress President Sonia Gandhi speaks on Women as Agents of Change at Commonwealth Lecture 2011

London(UK) : March 17, 2011.“Most of the climate debate so far has been gender-blind”
Speaking at the Commonwealth Lecture in London, Sonia Gandhi called for women’s voices and concerns to be heard in the global climate change debate, to “help the world find a more sustainable and less consumerist path to development”.... “Among all the challenges facing humankind in the twenty-first century, few are more pressing than climate change and global warming. Unfortunately... most of the climate debate so far has been gender-blind. Yet women have played a special role in raising environmental consciousness... Indira Gandhi herself... in 1972, powerfully expressed the link between poverty and environmental degradation, an issue which continues to shape the current debate.”

Enabling environment need of hour to put UP on fast track of overall development: Rahul Gandhi

AMETHI (Uttar Pradesh): February 09, 2011. Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi strongly advocated for an enabling environment for providing provisions of security and safety, adequate measures for health, good scope of education, means of employment, among many other things for self development, in Uttar Pradesh, for putting the state on the right track of overall growth.
After inaugurating the CRPF group centre, the 5th battalion, at Trishundi here on Wednesday, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi thanked the officials of the force and said that CRPF was the only force in the world which also assists the nation in conducting the elections and thus, being instrumental in strengthening the pillars of the democracy in the country.

We work our heart out and it really hurts when they are stopped by the UP Government : Rahul Gandhi

Amethi (Uttar Pradesh) Tuesday, Feb 8, 2011: Amethi MP and Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi addressing a function in constituency today said that only Congress can ensure development after coming into power in the state.
"Programmes are being chalked out in Delhi, but here problems are being faced in their implementation. Frankly, without having a government in Uttar Pradesh, it is not easy to carry out development works," said Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi meets teenaged rape victim in Banda

BANDA (Uttar Pradesh): February 07, 2011. Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on his way to scheduled visit to his constituency Amethi on Monday, made a surprise stopover and met the teenaged girl, who was allegedly raped by a BSP MLA, in her village in Banda. He assured her of all possible help after the victim told him that she was getting threats from the MLA’s musclemen.

Press Releases Photos Videos Audios Congress Speech Text Feedback MGNREGA has not only generat

UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi while speaking at a function at Vigyan Bhawan to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme's Five year said," I am happy to be with you all at this function. This is the fifth year of the implementation of this important and historic act. I congratulate you all on this occasion. Today's conference is providing us an opportunity to evaluate the functioning and implementation of this scheme. We have to look into our achievements and should be satisfied about it. Along with we should introspect our limitations and loopholes and move forward...

UPA Chairperson expresses deep concern over mad race for power & wealth

NEW DELHI: February 01, 2011. Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi expressed her deep anguish over the blind race for power, which after a certain limit, she said, is becoming largely means of greed for personal gains for many...

Rahul Gandhi on 3-day tour of Maharashtra to boost membership drive of YC

NAGPUR: January 27, 2011. Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi kicked-off his three-day visit, beginning Thursday, to various parts of Maharashtra state, to further accelerate membership drive for the Youth Congress (YC), among backward castes, minorities and women.
After alighting in Nagpur, he headed by a helicopter to attend a scheduled tribes convention at Ghadchiroli. Addressing an 'Adivasi Mela' (tribal youth meet) in this naxal-infested district in Eastern Vidarbha, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi said the earlier practice of nominations of leaders in Youth Congress had been done away with.

Rahul Gandhi urges party workers to gear up for 2012 Assembly poll in UP

LUCKNOW: January 18, 2011. The Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi urged the party workers to launch a relentless stir against the BSP government in UP, as the Congress would form the next government in the state, on its own strength.
On Tuesday, while addressing the party’s UP coordination committee, he asked the party workers to fan out across the state and to apprise the people about corruption in the state government...

Rahul Gandhi’s growing political charisma major bottleneck for other parties

LUCKNOW: January 11, 2011. , Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has been pursuing his visionary goals for overall development of the nation, without any fear or favour of any kind.
But, his selfless zeal to transform the contours of Indian politics, now, both in its principles and functional approach, has proved to be a major bottleneck for other political outfits, for fast loosing its space to the burgeoning youth of this country...

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Rahul Gandhi urges students in BHU to play active role in politics

VARANASI. January 10, 2011. Urging the youth to join politics for changing the political scenario in the country for ushering in professionalism, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing a huge gathering of students in Banaras Hindu University (BHU) on Monday, said that sincere and dedicated people should play an active role in politics...

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2010 saw major initiatives undertaken by Congress President in Rae Bareli

RAE BARELI. Congress President Sonia Gandhi launched a number of projects in Rae Bareli in just gone-by year, 2010, aiming for overall development of the people in her constituency. Her each visit proved to be a boon for her constituents.
In Dalmu, she inaugurated the WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) service that connects people to the rest of the world. Moreover, she kicked off Aero Post Service in Sareni village and inaugurated 10 road projects covering a total distance of 32.165 km, under Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) at a cost of Rs.10.8 core. No wonder, her each visit made people happy with her and her party, for the kind of developmental works...

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Press Releases Photos Videos Audios Congress Speech Text Feedback Congress President for mass

NEW DELHI. December 26, 2010. The current phase of the Congress party is once again very critical where it is imperative to reinforce the social empowerment and collective energies for reaching out the mass and to let them be informed about track record of performances of the party and the UPA government, stressed Congress President Sonia Gandhi, while addressing the recently held AICC Plenary Session at Burari in New Delhi.

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Press Releases Photos Videos Audios Congress Speech Text Feedback Congress President Sonia Gan

NEW DELHI. December 25, 2010. At the recently held AICC Plenary Session in New Delhi, Congress President Sonia Gandhi remarked that grassroot workers are the vital limbs of the Congress party, as they are having the feel of the pulse of the common mass. Hence, it is important to pay due respect to their views and opinions to make the organization strong, she elaborated.

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‘Aam Aadmi’ main focus in Rahul Gandhi’s vision for tomorrow’s India

ANEW DELHI: December 24, 2010. Scripting a new road map for resurgence of man on street to build a strong nation with no space for any discrimination for a barrier-less societal structure, Rahul Gandhi’s advocacy for ‘connecting people’ with opportunity has become imperative, with beneficiaries encompassing ‘aam aadmi’ for India

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Rahul Gandhi urges youth to strengthen the party to regain power in TN

CHENNAI. December 23, 2010. During his two-day visit to Tamil Nadu, an impromptu visit by the Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday to the Dalits in Thumbaipatti village left the locals hugely mesmerized seeing his generosity for the down- troddens like them. Then, his address to the youth at Vanagaram made the participants highly enthused with assurance of the state’s future chief minister would be from them (the youth) only...

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Congress President said that she was aware many Congress persons have already been rewarded for their work though the quantum may be less than expected for some. She added that the maximum number of dedicated men and women is of such persons who have not received any honor, either in the form of Government... posts or party positions, yet they have been contributing wholeheartedly to Congress with dedication. Mrs.Gandhi said that she has a special place in her heart for such dedicated Congress workers who may feel that their number has not yet come or who have not yet been adjusted in the party or the government but still they continue to work hard for the party with all commitment and devotion. Mrs. Gandhi said that Congress people occupying positions of power should learn some lessons from the selfless service of these innumerable dedicated workers.

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Rahul Gandhi defines the Common Man

Congress General Secretary, Rahul Gandhi defined the Aam Aadmi or the common man during his address at the AICC Plenary Session today.He said that the Aam Aadmi is that person who doesnot have a connection to the system. Whether he is poor or rich, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, educated or uneducated, if he is not connected to the system, he is an Aam Aadmi, he said...

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“Ministers & office bearers should work in close coordination with party workers”Congress President

Addressing the 83rd Plenary Session of All India Congress Committee at Burari, New Delhi, Congress President stressed the need for Central Ministers and Office bearers of Congress Party to closely interact with party workers and give due cognizance to their views in policy formulation and implementation...

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Press Releases Photos Videos Audios Congress Speech Text Feedback Congress President’s address

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, distinguished delegates to the conference, distinguished friends. A warm welcome to all of you.
Today we commemorate Indira Gandhi on her birth anniversary. She is celebrated for her determined leadership and for her deep and genuine concern for the poor. Among Indira Gandhi’s many personal qualities, was her wide range of interests, her great curiosity about people, places and most of all about ideas...
She captured the best of new thinking in diverse areas and interacted with many individuals around the world who were exploring new ways to tackle world problems. On many such issues, the Indira Gandhi Conference touches upon this aspect of her personality. They also serve the broader purpose of shaping public opinion and contributing to public policy. These conferences are not just about the development agenda. They are also about ways of giving it political and economical momentum.

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“Youth will change Bihar”. Rahul Gandhi

Congress General Secretary, Shri Rahul Gandhi addressing a huge rally at Barbigha in Sheikhpura, Bihar said that it is the youth who will bring about change in Bihar. He said that if the youth will have to play a central role in bringing about positive change in the country and states like Bihar. Mentioning that Congress was the only party today, which belonged to the youth of the nation, Shri Gandhi pointed out that all across the nation, Congress Party symbolized the youth power and was the future choice of all... Earlier Congress General Secretary reminded the people that when Congress came to seek support from the electorate in 2004, it made only one promise that if Congress led government were to be formed at the Centre, it would be a government for the common man – the aam admi. He said that the central government under the leadership of Prime Minister, Shri Manmohan Singh and Congress President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi has delivered on the promise.

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Press Releases Photos Videos Audios Congress Speech Text Feedback “Only Congress can bridge

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi addressing the AICC session said that it was Congress which gave MNREGS to the nation. He reiterated that the Central Government shall continue do more and bigger works for the poor and weaker sections...

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“Bihari Shining, not Bihar Shining”. Rahul Gandhi

Congress General Secretary while addressing a rally in Bachwara, Begusaria said that it was the people of Bihar who were shining, not the State of Bihar as was being falsely claimed by the state government. He said that the Bihar shining campaign was merely a public relation exercise and not the reality. He asked that if the state was actually shining, why people from Bihar were migrating to other parts of the country like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, in search of employment and work...

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True comparison of Bihar’s growth should be with that of AP, Maharashtra, Punjab…..Rahul Gandhi

……Growth and development has bypassed Bihar despite all the efforts of the Central government. Don’t compare Bihar’s development with the 15 year misrule of RJD. If you want to compare the real development, compare Bihar with Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana…….

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Press Releases Photos Videos Audios Congress Speech Text Feedback Congress President Smt.Sonia

…….”You have borne with governance of many parties in Bihar for last 20 years. But this fact has become very evident that whatever be the policies of these parties, they have not been able to ensure development of Bihar. Neither do they have any concrete plans for faster growth of Bihar nor do they have any foresight or capability to expedite Bihar’s overall development.”……..

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Congress President at Wardha (Maharashtra)

……”I am of the strong opinion that our country, which has people with your kind of devotion, no one can stop it from being one of the most powerful nations in the world. Each Congress worker has sent a strong message vis-à-vis the mission of Congress and our oneness with history through this Flag March.

The latent theme of Congress has always been to maintain social unity and to move forward on the core principles of secularism and development of society and the country.”...

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Rahul Gandhi addressing a rally in Korha, Katihar

This is a fight for principles. Other parties are tying up with each other for political gains. We are fighting alone, and we will not talk about caste and religion. We will talk about development and youth.
In 2004, Congress promised if we won Lok Sabha we will make a Govt for the common man and the downtrodden.
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“Young enrolling in Youth Congress will strengthen our party and the nation.” Sonia Gandhi

UPA Chairperson while addressing a rally in Tiruchirapalli said that it”s important that all of you workers move to the villages, down to the block level and explain to people about the programmes that the UPA Government is implementing through the state. Further she said that what is most important is that our party must rebuild itself from the grass root and we must work to recapture our distinctive identity...
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“My main responsibility as political leader is to empower youth of India”:Rahul Gandhi

BHOPAL. October 06, 2010. “My job as a political leader is to give a structured platform to dreams and aspirations of the millions of the youth of our country and for this, an attempt has been initiated by the Congress party to open the doors of politics for the youngsters through fair and free organizational electoral system,” stressed Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, while answering a query in the press conference in Bhopal on Wednesday, on his becoming prime minister in future...
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Rahul Gandhi is on a 3 day Youth Congress membership drive to Madhya Pradesh

Day 2: Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi today visited Dhondwada village here to pay respects to former Madhya Pradesh minister and district Congress President Ashok Sable, who passed away yesterday. After returning from Dhondwada, Rahul addressed around 1,000 youth Congress workers from four parliamentary constituencies of Betul, Khandwa, Hoshangabad and Chhindwara at the Lal Bahadur Stadium... The stadium dais adorned the picture of the 61-year-old leader who passed away here after suffering a massive heart attack. Rahul said Sable had been a minister twice but lived a life of total simplicity as was evident from his house in Dhondwada. "A man should not be known by his big house, big car or a big watch," Rahul said the days when people were appointed in Youth Congress on the recommendations of senior party leaders were over. "Now only those people who work would get posts in Youth Congress," he added.
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Rahul Gandhi is on a 3 day Youth Congress membership drive to Madhya Pradesh

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi is on a 3 day Youth Congress membership drive to Madhya Pradesh. At Tikamragh Rahul Gandhi said that if you want to put an end to the interference of musclemen & local goons in Bundelkhand you will have to join the Youth Congress.The Central package for Bundelkhand is being monitored but the BJP is into corruption, which we have to stop... At Sheopur while interacting with students he asked “Here, who all believes in Chamachagiri-please raise your hands”.Further he said that if you want to have an organization which is not gripped by “Chamachagiri” you need to have a fair election. And for this election every member will have to get receipt worth Rs. 15. Educated and intelligent youth should come forward in Politics.
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Nation pays tribute to Bapu

Nation today remembers Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of his 141st birth day today. A number of functions are being organised across the country to mark the occasion.
UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, President Pratibha Patil, Vice-President Hamid Ansari, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and other leaders offered floral tributes at his memorial "Raj Ghat" here...
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Congress President Sonia Gandhi launches “Aadhaar” in tribal village of Maharashtra

Prime minister Manmohan Singh & UPA President Sonia Gandhi launched the Unique Identification Card (Aadhaar) for tribals in Tembhli village of Maharashtra on Wednesday 29th 2010. While speaking on this occassion Prime Minister said that this UID project which has been made for Aam Aadmi symbolises a new and Modern India. We are exceling fast in the field of technology. In Aadhaar one of the most updated and enhanced technology has been used. Never ever at the global arena such an extensive use of technology has been used for such purposes...
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Rahul Gandhi calls upon the students of Assam to join politics

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi started his one day tour to Assam on Thursday with arriving first at Assam Central University in Silchar. During an Interaction with more than 900 students and academics at a closed-door meeting at the university here, Rahul Gandhi said politics is the ultimate means to solve various problems facing the nation.... Youth Icon Rahul Gandhi called upon the youth to join politics to help solve "burning issues" in the country, such as terrorism. In his interactive session with the students of Assam Central University, he spoke on the role of youth in transforming the scenarios of India, saying “If young people do not enter politics, then the pace of development will get stagnant and at times not even be possible. It is time the younger people join politics to make a difference so that the burning issues confronting India, such as terrorism, are solved.”
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Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi interacted with the media in Kolkata. To a question pertaining to CPM, Rahul Gandhi said that there has a saying “Bengal sochta hai Hindustan karta hai” but in the last 33 years it has been nullified by the ruling CPM. They have created two Bengals- one is for the Cadres of CPM and one is for the poor...
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Rahul Gandhi gets heartfelt welcome, emerges as a ray of hope

As part of his 3-day tour to West Bengal, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday arrived at Shantiniketan amid tremendous cheers. He was given a heartfelt welcome by students of Visva Bharti University here as he kicked off his tour to the state...
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Rahul Gandhi on a 3-day visit to West Bengal for Youth Congress membership drive

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi will be on a three-day visit to West Bengal to boost the Youth Congress Membership drive in the state.
From September 14 to September 16, Rahul Gandhi would visit 10 places in the state, where he will interact with the potential candidates for Youth Congress, and address separate conventions for minorities, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and women...
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Press Releases Photos Videos Audios Congress Speech Text Feedback UPA Chairperson and Congress

UPA Chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi has thrown her weight behind greater land rights of farmers and expressed her concern over development must not result in loss of large fertile tracts and damage to environment...
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Congress President Sonia Gandhi inaugurates 31 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas…

UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi realized the dream of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by inaugurating 31 Jawahar Navadaya Vidyalayas(JNV) in a number of states, telling other government schools to learn from JNVs...
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Rahul Gandhi urges students to shape India’s future

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi today visited Maharashtra to have an interactive session with the students. This visit was as part of his strategy of countrywide tour to urge youth of the nation to serve motherland by joining politics...
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"Left Government has created two Bengals" : Rahul Gandhi

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Monday lashed out at the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI-M) led Left Front government in West Bengal and said that the CPI-M days are numbered…
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi today accused the Left Government of creating two Bengal—one is for rich and prosperous people while another is for poor and oppressed one—at a rally organized for launching a membership drive for the Youth Congress...
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Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi strikes a chord with people of Bihar

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi set in motion his Bihar election campaign from Saharsa on Saturday, which galvanise the party's prospects in the state.
On a mission to strengthen Congress Party in Bihar ahead of Assembly polls, Congress General Secretary and youth icon Rahul Gandhi today set in motion his Bihar election campaign from Saharsa, which has been witness of destruction caused by massive floods in 2008...
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Sonia Gandhi re-elected Congress President for fourth consecutive term

Congress President Sonia Gandhi has achieved the feat that no one in the history of Congress Party of India had. After her re-election, she reminded the Congress leaders and workers of the “great responsibility” of working for all sections of society irrespective of whether the Party is in power or not...
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Rahul Gandhi pulls up UP police officials for apathetic treatment of murder case

During his three-day visit to Amethi, his constituency, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi looked enraged and aghast at the improper treatment being given to serious cases like murder by the local police.

What led Rahul Gandhi moved so much was the tragic story of a sister fighting for justice for her sister who was kidnapped and murdered. Sahin Bano, a resident of Raibareilly in Uttar Pradesh, told him that the local police was not investigating the murder case of her sister properly...
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Press Releases Photos Videos Audios Congress Speech Text Feedback Fourth term as Congress Pres

NEW DELHI: September 02, 2010. The fourth term as Congress President is to be a record and though, appropriately to generate academic interests for many the world over while analyzing the democratic processes in the modern times and the role of concerned political parties, but for ‘Aam Admi’ of this country it would mean further consolidation of real politics for real governance with people’s interest being paramount.
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Rahul Gandhi brings Broadband (Fibre to panchayat) to Amethi panchayat

: On the first day of his visit, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi put Sarvan village near Fursatganj in the annals of history by launching a broadband service named as “Fibre to panchayat” technically known as GPON technology. With having state-of-the-art facility, Sarvan village became the first village in India. One optic fibre enables users to make use of this facility to enjoy services like broadband, internet, telephonic service and cable-tv as well...
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Rahul Gandhi interacts with students of Haryana

Youth can help India to get rid of corruption,
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi wants India free from corruption and urges students to come forward to joining politics.
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi today made Haryana his latest stop in his ongoing effort to strengthen the Youth Congress and National Students Union of India (NSUI) membership drive...
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Centre for inclusive development : Rahul Gandhi

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi in his address to the tribals of Orissa said that the rejection by the central government of environment clearance to a big bauxite mining project is a victory for the local tribal people.
He congratulated the tribal people for their success in making their voice heard not only in Delhi but overseas as well. “Your voice reached Delhi and it is you who saved your land. I did what I could but this is your own victory,” he said, putting stress on the fact that this battle was fought without resorting to violence...
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Congress General Secretary’s proposed visit for Niyamgiri Tribals in Orissa

Remember March 2008, and you would flash back to the upheaval that Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Niyamgiri hills in Orissa's Kalahandi district fluttered in the political circle when he announced "Kalahandi ke adivasion ke liye Delhi main ek sipahi hai, uska naam hai Rahul Gandhi (for the tribals of Kalahandi, there is a solider in Delhi named Rahul Gandhi)"...
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Rahul Gandhi visit to Aligarh, Farmers jubilant at the sight of their beloved leader

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi made a surprise visit to Aligarh, fulfilling the request of agitated farmers to come upon there to boost the morale and support the genuine cause of farmers. The visit is certain to bolster the cause of hundreds of local farmers from several villages in and around the under construction Yamuna Expressway linking Delhi and Agra. As usual, his unscheduled visit caught the administration napping and brought the cheers among affected farmers. Surprising visit has been the trademark of his strategy of making the glare of media away from the real cause. He went to the family whose child fell to bullet and gave condolences for their lost ones.
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18th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award Goes to Maualana Wahiduddin Khan

Eminent Islamic scholar and champion of peace and harmony Maualana Wahiduddin Khan has been bestowed with 18th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award for his outstanding contribution towards the promotion of communal harmony, peace and goodwill at a function held at Jawahar Bhawan in New Delhi. This award, which carries a citation and cash award of Rs. 500,000, is conferred annually on individuals for their contribution towards promotion of communal harmony, peace and goodwill.
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Rajiv ji , a true visionary

“As we build today, so will be the tomorrow. Together, we will build an India of the 21st century. Together, we will face challenges and obstacles to progress. Together, we will create an India, that is strong, wise and great – a frame of peace and tolerance.” Such were the words that set him apart as one of the foremost visionary leaders this country has produced since independence...
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Move to rename Amethi stayed by Allahabad High Court

LUCKNOW. August 18, 2010. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati’s move to rename Amethi, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency, was Wednesday stayed by the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court. The declaration of Amethi as a district has also been stayed... Mayawati wanted to rename the area Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Nagar, after one of the Dalit icons.
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Rahul Gandhi visits relief centre, hospital in Leh

LEH: August 16, 2010. Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi arrived in Leh on Monday morning to take stock of the situation related to relief measures initiated after the unfortunate cloud burst few days ago claiming precious human beings and causing damages to properties in the region... He visited Himank relief centre. Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi spent time with the victims while sitting on the floor in the midst of all inhabiting the centre. He enquired about relief measures and assured all possible helps to affected ones there.
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Rahul Gandhi concludes tour of Karnataka; urges partymen to continue anti-BJP stir

Gulbarga (Karnataka): August 14, 2010. Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Saturday concluded his two-day tour of various places in Karanataka. On the last day of his visit, he interacted with students of several colleges in Gulbarga. Before leaving, he also met office-bearers of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) and leaders of district committees...
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Congress General Secretary begins his two-day tour of Karnataka

MYSORE : August 13, 2010. Continuing the country-wide state wise drive to strengthen the party’s student wing – National Students Union of India (NSUI), Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi arrived in Mysore on Friday on the first day of his two-day visit to Karnataka, to interact with the local youth here...
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Rahul Gandhi participates in deliberations for strategic roadmap for improving rural India

ANAND: August 11, 2010. Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi expressing deep concerns over challenges being faced by the country’s rural landscape, urged the policy makers to re-define ways and means for improving life of the villagers.
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Sonia Gandhi,PM inaugurate IGI Airport’s Terminal 3

3 july 2010 , New Delhi
UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday inaugurated the Indira Gandhi International Airport’s newly structured Terminal 3. With this, IGI Airport becomes India’s largest and the 5th largest International airport of the world.
The new terminal building can cater up to 34 million passengers annually and has 95 immigration counters. It also promises to redefine air travel in India and boasts of in-line baggage handling system with capacity to handle 12,800 bags per hour.
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Amethi becomes 'political target', renamed as Chhatrapati Sahuji Maharaj Nagar

Lucknow(UttarPradesh), 1 July 2010
In a desperate attempt to negate the rising influence of Rahul Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh and his parliamentary constituency Amethi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has renamed Amethi after dalit leader Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj. Amethi will now be a part of a new district and will be named as Chhatrapati Sahuji Maharaj Nagar. It will the 72th district of the state.This initiative has been taken to get political advantage as Congress leader Rahul Gandhi represents this constituency in the Parliament and also Congress is on the revival track in UP.
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Sonia Gandhi lays the foundation stone for Rohtang Tunnel

Kullu(Himachal Pradesh), 28 June 2010:Congress President and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Monday laid the foundation stone for the Rohtang tunnel project.8.8 km long engineering marvel, this tunnel goes through the Himalayan ranges in Manali that would facilitate an alternative all-weather road route to strategically important areas of Ladakh and also provide a year-long connectivity to the Lahaul-Spiti valley of the state.
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Congress President Sonia Gandhi visits Jammu

Jammu(J&K), 29 May 2010 Congress President Sonia Gandhi is on a day long tour to Jammu.There she inaugurated the cultural complex building,built under Gujjar desh charitable trust.Speaking on the occasion she thanked the Gujjar community to have given her this oppurtunity to inaugurate the cultural complex.
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Nation pays tribute to Pandit Nehru

Nation pays its tribute to the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru popularly called 'Chacha Nehru'.It was on 27 November 1964 when Nehruji breathed last.
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Nation remembers the visionary Rajiv Gandhi on his death anniversary

Today is the Death Anniversary of Former Prime Minister Bharat Ratna Rajiv Gandhi. It was on 21st May 1991 when the nation lost him to a planned assassination. The nation pays its tribute to the great visionary with a series of programmes planned throughout the nation to commemorate the day... Early morning ,Congress President Sonia Gandhi along with Rahul Gandhi , Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra reached Veer bhoomi , the death memorial of Late Rajiv Gandhi and paid their tributes.
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Country will develop if Uttar Pradesh develops : Rahul Gandhi

Ahraura(Uttar Pradesh), 18 may 2010 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing a public rally in Ahraura, urged the youth of the region to strive to develop their state because if Uttar Pradesh develops, India will also develop.
Criticizing the State Government for its disinterested attitude in implementing the welfare initiatives by the Central Government, he said that while the poor and the downtrodden in other states are getting benefitted from schemes like MNREGA and Right to Education, poor in UP are completely unaware about these excellent schemes...
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Congress President on a 3 day Raebareli tour

Raebareli(Uttar Pradesh), 17 May 2010
Congress President and Chairperson of National Advisory Council Sonia Gandhi is on a 3 day tour to her Parliamentary constituency Raebareli to review and initiate various welfare schemes.
Congress President on Monday started the visit by inaugurating the newly constructed building of a sub-post office in Sareni block. Later , she paid a surprise visit to Dehta kala gaon , where she heard the problems of locals by holding a chaupal.
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Teach your children Computer , Bill Gates tells Amethi

Amethi(Uttar Pradesh):11 May 2010,AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi was accompanied by Microsoft chairman Bill Gates,as they came together to pay a visit to Amethi on Tuesday.In Amethi , they had an interactive session with the Women self help groups(trained and assisted under Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojna) in Jais, Amethi.
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Youth politics will change Uttar Pradesh : Rahul Gandhi

AMBEDKAR NAGAR(UP) : 14 April 2010. AICC General secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing a large public gathering(Congress Yatra) in Ambedkar Nagar on the occasion of 119th birth anniversary of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar said that he thanks the people of Ambedkar nagar for welcoming him on this auspicious occasion and expressed his resolution of developing Uttar Pradesh...
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Sonia Gandhi as NAC chairperson; further consolidation of ‘aam admi’ base in governance

NEW DELHI: March 29, 2010. For spearheading the Congress-led the UPA’s political strategy for consolidating its ‘aam admi’ base, the National Advisory Council (NAC) has been revived with Congress President Sonia Gandhi again as its chairperson, four years after she quit the post in the wake of the office of the profit controversy.Sometime ago, the Parliament passed the Office of Profit Bill that exempted 56 posts, including the chairperson of NAC, from being considered office of profit.... The NAC is an advisory body set up to monitor - with an interface with the civil society - the implementation of the Congress-led the UPA government’s common minimum programme. As the NAC chairperson, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, with the status of a Cabinet minister, will lead a team of experts.
The advisory outfit will act as a policy watchdog with an aim for strengthening the social sector and will also act as the extraordinary think-tank outside ministries and the Planning Commission.
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rahul Gandhi begins two-day tour of Amethi; reviews development of various projects

AMETHI : March 26, 2010. On Friday, the first day of the two-day tour of his Lok Sabha constituency, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, soon after arrival here at Sultanpur met officials of district monitoring committees and representatives of the public and reviewed the status of development of various projects funded by the central government in the region....
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