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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Everybody wants to explain his or her problems to Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is on padyatra from village to village in Greater Noida and Aligarh districts since last four days. He is interacting with the farmers to understand their problems. He is holding panchayats and chaupals in the villages he is visiting on the way. The villagers whether they are farmers or farm labourers or house wives or students all are turning up at these meetings to grab a change to explain their problems to Rahul Gandhi.
What is fascinating the folk in the villages is that Rahul Gandhi is patient listener. He gives complete attention to what is addressed to him. The Congress General Secretary is very inquisitive person too. He asks lot of questions to know every aspect of the problem posed to him by the village folks. He shares his views on the subject and suggests possible solutions.
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His unhesitating manner to mingle in the crowd to talk with one and all instantly encourages even the shy housewives and girls to come forward to explain their problems. While landowners are complaining to Rahul Gandhi about loss of their fertile agricultural lands and consequential loss of livelihood, the farm labourers are whining about loss of agricultural engagements. The young men are complaining to the young Congress leader about their unemployment. The housewives are worried about their safety in the wake of spate of crimes being taking place against women and deteriorating law and order problem in the state.
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