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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rahul Gandhi sets on Padyatra in Greater Noida villages

The Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi is walking from village to villages in Greater Noida and in the adjoining area these days. He wants to understand the problems being faced by the farmers particularly of scale forcible acquisition of their lands by the state government. There have been again and again farmers’ agitations and violent clashes leading to farmers’ deaths.
The Congress leader is intrigued as to why farmers are agitated in UP while the acquisition of lands in Haryana is so smooth and peaceful. He is concerned in particular how come farmers in UP are poor in spite of compensation received by them for selling their lands to the state government.
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Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to hold Kisan Maha Panchayat on July 9 in Aligarh to focus on all such problems. He wants to ensure that all issues concerning the farmers are brought forth and discussed in Kisan Maha Panchayat (Farmers’ Meet). So he has set out on three days programme to walk through villages of UP.
Today early morning he reached Bhatta village which was epicenter of violent clash on May 7 in which four persons were killed. He interacted with the villagers who explained their problems.
From Bhatta village he walked to Parsaul village which too had been scene of farmers’ agitation over non-payment of fair compensation for the forcible taking over of their lands by the Mayawati government.
Walking through villages of Usmanpur and Achepur, he reached Rustumpur village around 6.30 AM. Some villagers said while for other leaders bands and media precede, in the case of Rahul Gandhi, though he has studied in foreign country, he reached their villages alone and bare-foot; this would make villages rally around him for strong support.
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