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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Congress President Sonia Gandhi appreciates the democratic elections in YC
The Congress President informed that the UPA government is all set to introduce the Right to Food Bill in the current session of Parliament by adding “It is our government that has brought in the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA, the Right to Information, the Forest Rights Act and the Right to Education. The Right to Food Bill is to be introduced in the current session of Parliament”.
The UPA Chairperson asserted that the government has taken a number of measures to empower the citizens. “Our actions have more than showed our resolve. The RTI, which our government brought in, has placed in the hands of the people, in the hands of you all, a powerful weapon against corruption,” she said. The Congress president said the UPA government’s measures like the UID scheme or Aadhar will give all citizens the right to identity. “But we all know the true empowerment can only come from participation,” she said,

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