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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Non-Congress govts responsible for present plight of UP: Congress (I)

Congress (I) has blamed non-Congress governments of the state for present situation in Uttar Pradesh. Over the last two decades different political parties formed the governments by showing rosy dreams to the people but did not do anything on the ground level to develop the state or to address the problems of the people. BJP governments of the Pradesh played with the religious sentiments to vitiate harmonious environment of the state. BJP did nothing to take the state forward. Samajwadi Party (SP) too formed government by playing caste-based politics; brought musclemen to rough up rivals without bothering about development of the state. BSP led by Mayawati has indulged in class-based politics to grab power in the state, said Congress (I). She promised to work for dalits and poorest of the poor. But once in power she forgot the dalits and got into business of amassing wealth for herself. People of UP having seen enough of this misgovernance are now turning to Congress (I) to put the state back on the fast tract of development.

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