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Monday, November 28, 2011

Rahul Gandhi: Whenever there is a change, initially people make fun of it but finally they acceept
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi today inaugurated the Youth Congress Convention in Rohini, Delhi. While addressing a massive rally of newly-elected office-bearers of the Youth Congress Rahul Gandhi urged the youth of the country to work together and cleanse the political system in the country.
“Corruption is most rampant in the political parties in our country. So this political system is to be cleansed and changed. Only the youth of the country can do so. So be ready, work together, change the system” said the Congress General Secretary in-charge of the Youth Congress and NSUI. The two day convention called “Buniyaad’ is the first of its kind in the history of the Youth Congress and is being attended by 8,000-odd elected members from across the country.
"All other parties follow the process of nomination. But the Youth Congress reflects voices that are democratically elected. Not Rahuljee or any other senior leaders selected you, you are here on the basis of your own merit, strength and capacity. Wherever I travel, I see how you are helping change the attitude" said Rahul Gandhi amidst great applauds. “India's youth must help usher in change", he added.
The Congress General Secretary appreciated the efforts to strengthen democracy in the Youth Congress. “During my initial interactions with the friends of Youth Congress, they complained that their voices go unheard in the organization”. “So we started the process of democratization in the Youth Congress (YC). We started it from Punjab and have now implemented in most of other states. Whenever there is a change initially people make fun of it, then they watch and finally they change themselves”, he claimed.
Boosting the confidence of the Youth Congress workers Rahul Gandhi added “If you have faith and confidence in yourself, nobody can stop you from reaching the top. If you continue to work hard for YC and the Congress you can reach miles ahead.”
Rahul Gandhi also appraised the YC members regarding the democratic elections in the outfit. “We ensured that the elections in the Youth Congress are free and fair. We adopted a method similar to the method adopted by the Election Commission of India. Even opposition parties admit that election in the YC is free and fair.”
Reiterating the need of involvement of the youth in politics the Congress General Secretary added “Previously the doors of the politics were closed for the youth. Members came to politics through nominations and recommendations and not on merit. Such leaders were not able to perform satisfactorily and they lacked contact with the masses.” and asked the emerging leaders to work for the cause of common man. “You are not like that. So go to the people, take out people’s issues, talk to them and mingle with them. Poverty is a serious matter of concern. India cannot be shinning till the day there is no poor person in the country. So fight for the poor, fight for aam aadmi”, he urged.
Rahul Gandhi also underlined the role of senior leaders and said “The youth cannot work alone. Do not think that you are the bonded labourers of the party. Seniors are there to guide you and work with you. We need to blend experience with the youth”.
Pouring more positive energy into the young members Rahul Gandhi added “I want to tell the youth that our system is open for all. Our election is free and fair. So please join Youth Congress and fight for the progress of the country”.
Exuding confidence among the cadres he went on saying “We have full faith in you. So get ready to fight against corruption. Go to villages and try to know their issues. change the system by fighting for the poor”.
Taking a dig at other parties he commented “In other parties, senior leaders command and junior leaders obey. But in the Congress all members come to the party on their ability and strength. Not one of you has come from the sky through a parachute. You know what I mean by that”.
“So, all of you have come on your own strength. Now let us work together and change the country” concluded Rahul Gandhi.
The convention will also be addressed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi during the valedictory session on Tuesday.

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