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Friday, November 25, 2011

Rahul Gandhi at Bahraich says "Congress will never forget you after the ...

AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi began his five-day tour of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday from Barabanki. He criticized the non-Congress Governments in the state for not doing anything constructively for the development in Uttar Pradesh. He also alleged that the welfare funds sent by the UPA Government at the centre are not reaching the poor man.
Appreciating the Congress party Rahul Gandhi said "We will never forget the people. After elections also we will remember you, will work for you. So please think differently. Think about development, think about the future of the poor people, think about the future of the youth and think about the future of your state. We will together bring back U.P to Number one position".
"I have full faith in the people of youth. The moment you make changes in your thought process, your state will progress. I come to you, eat with you, stay with you. I feel angry when I see that the funds meant for the poor people go to the pockets of bureaucrats and ministers. Now give Congress a chance, and support us. We will work together and change U.P" concluded Rahul Gandhi.

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