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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rahul Gandhi at Balrampur in UP talks about misuse of Janani Suraksha Yo...

Once again reiterating his opinion that a leader should go to the people Rahul Gandhi said, "till a leader goes to the poor, stays with them, eat at their home and drink water from their houses, he cannot understand poverty. Till the leaders understand the poverty and their pains UP cannot be changed."

Indicating the bad living conditions in the state Congress General Secretary added "Your people go to Mumbai, Delhi or Haryana for job. Your people run taxis in Mumbai. Your people made the metro in Delhi. But you are not able to do anything in your own state and instead they travel thousands of miles to earn a living. Once I was travelling by train through Gorakhpur. I happened to interact with a labour (painter). He told me that people have to migrate to other places as they are unable to find a job in Uttar Pradesh. If we go to Mumbai Shiv Sena people threaten us. Still we are forced to work there."

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