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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rahul Gandhi at Balrampur "We will change U.P" -- Latest video

Expressing his anger over the deteriorating conditions in the state Rahul Gandhi said, "I feel angry that the state government works for only 10% of the people and the other 90% are ignored. You trusted BSP last time. Did they do anything?" he asked adding "no roads, electricity, water, justice or jobs. Same is the case with Samajwadi Party too."
Boosting the confidence of the people Rahul Gandhi said, "you may be thinking that Governments will come and go but nothing is going to happen. But you are wrong. Congress will change the state. The youth of Uttar Pradesh will bring changes here."
Igniting the positive energy inside the workers Rahul Gandhi concluded, "we will win the elections. We will bring changes in Uttar Pradesh. A Congress Government will be your government who works for all sections of the society."

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