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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rahul Gandhi at Gaind Ghar Ground ,Bahraich (U.P) Part-2

Addressing a Congress workers’ meet at Gaind Ghar Ground, Bahraich on the second day of his UP tour AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the Mayawati Government. He said that the BSP Government has been misusing all the welfare schemes brought in by the Central Government meant for the poor.
Speaking to the Congress workers assembled in large numbers Rahul Gandhi said, “my family has a good relationship with Behrauch. It was from here Rajiv Gandhi made the historic announcement to reduce the age limit to vote from 21 to 18.” He also said that he learnt the habit of going to the villages and meeting the people from his grand mother and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
Referring the UPA Government policies Congress General Secretary added, “While campaigning for the Parliament elections in 2004 Congress has promised to form a government that would work for the common man. We had promised a government that works for the poor, dalits and adivasis. With the implementation of schemes like MGNREGA, Janani Suraksha Yojana, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and Right to Education all aiming the benefit of the poor we have indeed delivered.” Underlining the significance of the MGNREGA scheme, Rahul Gandhi said, “by the MGNREGA policy poor persons are assured of a minimum of 100 days jobs in a year with a daily wage of Rs120. Ask anybody in Andhra Pradesh or Kerala about the most beneficial scheme of the Central Government. Without any doubts most will say it is MGNREGA.”

Expressing concerns over the misuse of MGNREGA funds by the BSP Government Rahul Gandhi commented, “we do sanction funds under this scheme to the UP Government as well. Whatever amount the Uttar Pradesh Government demanded from the Centre we sanctioned it. Whether it is Rs 10 or Rs 10 lakh we sent it. But actually what is happening? Your Chief Minister says that MGNREGA is of no use. When all other states are admitting that MGNREGA is the most useful policy and many poor people make the job cards and enjoy the benefit of the scheme, BSP Government says that the scheme is of no use. I remember in October 2007 too Chief Minister Mayawati during a rally had repeated that the MGNREGA is not beneficial. In fact the funds sent by the Centre pocketed by the ministers."

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