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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rahul Gandhi in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh-Part-1

On the third day of his tour to Uttar Pradesh Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the BSP and SP maintaining that both the parties forgot the people and work selectively. Addressing a huge Congress workers' gathering at Balrampur AICC General Secretary said that the present BSP Government has lost touch with the people and has been plundering the Central funds meant for the poor.
Referring the UPA Government policies Congress General Secretary said that the UPA Government at the centre or the Congress run governments in various states are working sincerely for the common man, poor, dalit, adivasis and the underprivileged.
Highlighting the significance of the MGNREGA scheme, Rahul Gandhi said, "through the MGNREGA policy every poor person is assured of a minimum of 100 days jobs in a year with a daily wage of Rs 120, thus Rs 12,000 per year is guaranteed. This is not just a scheme but a law. Even if the government wants to stop giving the amount it cannot do so. Ask anybody in Andhra Pradesh or Kerala about the most beneficial scheme of the Central Government. Without any doubt most will say it is MGNREGA. You can search internet. You can yourself see the entire details of the scheme and the list of all the beneficiaries and the transactions there."
Once again questioning the stand of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on MGNREGA, Rahul Gandhi commented, "when all other states are admitting that MGNREGA is the most useful policy, UP chief minister says that the scheme is of no use. In October 2007 Mayawati during a public rally had said that the MGNREGA is not beneficial for the state. But I request her to go to the people and ask them about the scheme. Everyone will tell her the benefits."
Regarding the misuse of central funds by the BSP Government the Congress General Secretary alleged that the central government has sanctioned thousands of crores for Uttar Pradesh. Unfortunately, it did not reach the people . The amount is going into the pockets of ministers, BSP leaders and bureaucrats.

Rahul Gandhi also expressed his concern over the pathetic conditions in the hospitals in the state. "I went to a hospital in UP where some painting and renovation works were going on. I went inside. There were no doctors, patients or nurses. Dogs were scampering inside. I asked them what is going on. They said that Mayawati is on a tour to this area and she will be visiting the hospital and therefore the renovation. As she was expected to take the road route so the roads were being repaired and the hospital building was being painted," he said.

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