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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rahul Gandhi in Maharajganj (UP)
On the fourth day of his tour to Uttar Pradesh Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi lashed out at Mayawati Government for the misuse of the fertilizers and urea sent by the Centre. “We sent fertilizers to Uttar Pradesh for the farmers but they are being black-marketed in Nepal. As a result the farmers in the state do not get the required fertilizers and urea sent by the Union Government,” he said.
He was addressing a well attended rally at Maharajganj near the UP-Nepal border on the last day of his UP tour as part of the Congress campaign for the upcoming assembly polls. Referring the farmers’ issues Congress General Secretary claimed that the Congress Governments realizes not just the strength of the farmers but also the difficulties faced by them. “Congress Governments in states like Delhi, Haryana or Andhra Pradesh have been making policies aiming for the welfare of the farmers. They acquire the lands of farmers by paying adequate compensation. But in Uttar Pradesh, BSP Government grabbed the poor farmers’ land in the Ganga and Yamuna Expressways forcibly. Did not pay proper compensation and sold it to the builders. When the farmers agitated, they were labeled as Naxals,” he argued.
“In Tappal and Bhatta-Parsaul farmers were assaulted by the BSP Government. Police fired at the agitating farmers when they were merely resisting the wrong and forceful land acquisition. When the farmers asked for the adequate compensation for their own land the government authorities called them Naxals. Mayawati Government gave no justice but only bullets to the farmers,” said Rahul Gandhi.

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