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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rahul Gandhi: An officer said the farmers protesting were Naxalites

In his speech to the huge gathering at the Phulpur rally that hit the campaign trail for the 2012 Uttar Pradesh Assembly election, Rahul Gandhi depicted the plight of farmers especially those who suffered at the hands of the administration in Bhatta-Parsaul.

“Farmers were dying, they were being shot at. And, what was your government doing, it was just watching. No body went to Bhatta-Parsaul, not even to ask what was happening there. When I went there an officer there told me Naxalites had broken in the region that’s why they fired bullets on them,” said the AICC general secretary.

The young MP from Amethi further said “If the farmer asks his right, demands the genuine cost for his land being acquired, the UP government says that they are Naxalites; it shoots them”

Rahul Gandhi has once again spoken for the innocent farmers who were killed and whose womenfolk were raped just because they were demanding the right price for the land the state’s Mayawati government had acquired from them.

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