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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rahul Gandhi: Give Congress five years and see the positive changes in UP

Blaming regional parties like BSP and SP as also BJP for misruling the state in turn for the last 22 years, Congress (I) General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has made fervent appeal to the people of UP for giving Congress (I) a five year term this time to get the state out of stagnation.  The people have waited too long expecting these parties to deliver on their promises but each time they disappointed the people, Rahul Gandhi said while campaigning in Bulandshahr on February 24 for the ongoing Assembly elections. Twenty two years is more than sufficient time to bring in visible changes but there is no change, he added.  What to talk of employment opportunities, quality education, medicare services etc even the most basic needs like bijli, pani and sadak have not been made available to the people by these parties. Safe drinking water is not available to the people in many places. Highlighting that these parties by their misrule have deceived them and pushed the state backward, Rahul Gandhi urged the people to vote for Congress (I) this time. He assured that his party would provide responsive government and put the state on fast track development. “We will do all that these parties failed to do in last 22 years,” he added.

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