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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rahul Gandhi: Mayawati stays away from poor and aam aadmi

While talking at a public rally in Uttar Pradesh, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday reiterated that posts don’t matter to him and attacked BSP chief Mayawati for staying away from the people.
He said that such posts create hurdles which bring distance between people. “Politics does not mean posts. Posts lead to distance. These posts later take the shape of walls,” he said. He said, “Mayawati became the Chief Minister, she did good work earlier...Kanshiram did good work...but later she got a 40 feet wall built around her Bungalow and stayed away from the people”.
The case is same with Miulayam Singh Yadav Ji, he said and added that he too had done good work earlier.
It is not Rahul Gandhi who has shown people the way but people have shown a way to Rahul Gandhi, he told the cheering crowd. He also lashed out at BJP’s ‘India Shining’ slogan during 2004 Parliament elections, maintaining that those espousing such an idea never visited the poor in the villages and workers and understood their plight. Rahul Gandhi asked whether BJP leader L K Advani, UP Chief Minister Mayawati or Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav ever visited the poor people in the villages and enquired about their problems.

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