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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rahul Gandhi at IIIT Amethi: To gather knowledge, go towards the problem

Congress General Secretary and MP from Amethi Rahul Gandhi spoke at the occasion of the convocation ceremony at IIT Amethi and said that to gather more knowledge one should move more close towards the problem.
Rahul Gandhi said “So the first thing I told you was to question yourself. And the second thing is that to gather knowledge, go towards the problem. That is what I did experience. When I go to a poor person’s house and asks about the things he does, I get the knowledge. So I realize that he knows better than me about his nature of job. So it is very important to respect the person’s views who is much closer to the problem”.
“In order to respect the person’s views who is much closer to the problem, you will have to give equal status to that person. There is a feeling among the politicians in India that they are the most knowledgeable persons. Understanding the knowledge is built on the destruction of the knowledge. In our ancient scripts there is a trinity- creator, preserver and destroyer. There is a reason behind it. You cannot have creation without destruction. You cannot have destruction without creation. And you cannot have either of these two without preservation” added the young Congress MP.
“And that is the same with knowledge. To get the current knowledge you will have to destroy the existing knowledge. To destroy the existing knowledge you will have to question yourself. You will have to learn to question yourself and question the persons around you. The more you do that the more knowledgeable you will become” concluded Rahul Gandhi.

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