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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Never doubt Rahul Gandhi's intentions

Never doubt Rahul Gandhi's intentions. For him the real challenge is how to fix the leakages in almost all the welfare schemes meant for the most humble person of our society. Be it the BPL card, India Aways Young or the minimum wage in MGREGA. And here comes the UID card and his keen interest in it's speedy implementation at the grass roots.

In this age of fast food it's quite convenient for Urban India to become self centered. In this endeavor one tends to forget that every one of us have our roots in our villages and in our rise and shine their contribution has been most crucial. But why do we shy when it's the pay back time?

And if one young leader starts working in that direction rather than appreciating it this urban lot starts finding political motives. It's a disservice towards our nation to put question mark on the long term objectives initiated by Rahul Gandhi. The bridge he is trying to strengthen between the villages and our towns is a form of pay back. They deserve it more than any one else. The would be global power that is India would never shine if it fails to take along the less privileged yet content Aam Aadmi along.

Rahul Gandhi is moving in this direction. Time will prove his purity, clarity and vision. He is the dark horse of Indian politics.

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