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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sonia Gandhi had said ‘my target is not the Prime Ministership’

For Congress President Sonia Gandhi politics is not power but a way to serve the people. The perfect example is her refusal of the post of Prime Minister when UPA was voted to power. “I always listen to the voice of my inner conscience. I have said on many occasions that my target is not the Prime Ministership. Today my inner conscience tells me to politely refuse the post” was the statement by the Congress President while turning down the post of Prime Minister. Further she had extended her full support to Manmohan Singh and that still continues.
"During this time there were many political leaders who came to meet me to request me not to succumb to any pressure and appoint Mrs Gandhi as the prime minister, a request that would not have been Constitutionally tenable. If she had made any claim for herself I would have had no option but to appoint her," writes former President APJ Abdul Kalam in his latest book. But Sonia Gandhi chose not to become the PM and continued her efforts to serve the people maximum.
Despite these realities some people like Dr Subramanian Swamy have been busy spreading rumours about Sonia Gandhi and her family. After the last revelation by Dr Kalam, the people in the country will understand the truth and ridicule the rubbish statements by the people like Swami.
Sonia Gandhi is always concerned for the common man and welfare of aam aadmi has always been her mission.

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