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Monday, July 2, 2012

Sonia Gandhi recalls; India Parliament new rights and remedies for the entire people

Congress President and Member of Parliament Sonia Gandhi while speaking on the occasion to commemorate the 60th anniversary of India's first Parliamentary session recalled various laws made by the Parliament which protected the excluded and the marginalized in the society.
“We take pride in the extraordinary range and content of the laws enacted by our Parliament over the last sixty years. They give force to the Constitutional vision of change in our society.  They created new rights and remedies for all our citizens and have especially protected the excluded and the marginalized.  Indian social legislation has today emerged as a global benchmark” Sonia Gandhi added.
Sonia Gandhi invited the attention of the gathering to the contributions of many great leaders who had contributed for the nation building using the floor of the Parliament and said “I pay tribute to the peerless giants, the legendary figures, who have graced our Parliament. They built great parliamentary traditions and endowed the nation with vision and direction”. “Their wit and wisdom reverberate to us through the ages. As long as we keep their words and their example in mind, while facing new challenges, we will remain true to our great heritage,” commented the Congress President. 

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