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Monday, August 27, 2012

One should remember Rajiv Gandhi in the wake of CAG report

The Parliament has been witnessing stormy scenes in the wake of recent CAG report on coal block allocations. India’s Comptroller and Audit General (CAG) Vinod Rai in his report has noted in his report “The government and auditors are not adversaries but are on the same table since the objective is to upgrade governance and to ensure a totally leakage-free delivery system of government projects, schemes and practices to ensure there are no loopholes and lacunae”. By this what he meant was that the benefit of the schemes and policies meant for the people should reach them without any lapses, transparently.
Here we should recall what our former Prime Minister RajivGandhi had said. The creator of modern India had said that 85 paise per rupee allocated for development got siphoned off before reaching the intended beneficiaries. On many occasions he expressed his concern that the poor are unable to avail the benefits of the welfare funds sent for them by the government the way it should have been.
His son and Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi also has been quoting his father’s  statement that when centre sanctions one rupee for the poor only 15 paisa reaches them. The young Congress MP from Amethi also has his own idea to ensure transparency in administration and he wants further upliftment of the downtrodden. Rahul Gandhi is having the opinion that Aadhar UID card will ensure more transparency in the safe passage of the central funds to the poor without any hindrance. "Every citizen of this country will have an identity card as a proof of their existence by the Aadhar scheme. Further the card will include the Bank account number along with the Aadhar Card Number so as to ensure connectivity and transparency and with this the Central funds will directly reach the account holder," argues Rahul Gandhi.
The recent CAG findings clearly underline the need for ensuring transparency in public administration. If the government sends any amount of money for the welfare of the poor, it is also necessary that it makes sure that the entire funds reach the beneficiaries. The development of our nation will be possible only if we ensure this fact.. That is what Rajiv Gandhi wanted, Rahul Gandhi argues for and the people have been eagerly waiting for. 

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