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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rahul Gandhi can take up bigger roles

Mr. Pranab Mukherji has ascended the highest office of the nation gracefully. He, having occupied ministerial berths in the cabinets of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Narsimha Rao, Rajiv Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh, will bring a lot of experience to the highest seat and will, may be, give a new meaning to the office of the President of India. If this brings lots of hopes to the beleaguered country, Rahul Gandhi’s expected proactive role in the Congress’ affairs is likely to give a fresh energy to the monotony that surely seems not to go so well with the agile and alive youth of the country. More often than not, the elders have always welcomed and patronized youth power, drive, initiative and accomplishments, besides working as a sobering effect and effectively checking the youthful zest from going above aboard.
With Rahul Gandhi having worked extensively with the youth brigade of the Congress during the last couple of years, he can take up big responsibilities now. This will, indubitably, bring about better understanding of men and matters and will go a long way in bringing about a well oiled and cohesive team to take the party to the top, come 2014. Rahul Gandhi is already in the enlightened company of Congressmen who have the grassroots experience in politics. There still should be quite a handful in the Youth Congress corridors who could help change the face of the country.
Rahul Gandhi, with all his hard work with the Youth Congress workers should have made an assessment of their capabilities by now and should groom them further in the fine art of politics. He should entrust them with more responsibilities where they can act in concert with the masses. They need to help out people with their genuine problems since they’ll be capable of pulling the right strings for genuine causes. They can take a leaf out of the book of the Youth Congress, post emergency. Rahul is the pivot round which the wheel of the youth will revolve in a very smooth and cohesive manner. The sharing of firsthand experience by the ex- youth Congress big guns with the emerging youth brigade will be a big positive for the party. This should encompass all the states and ought to be done on a very regular basis. It is the right time that Rahul Gandhi set the ball rolling by working as a conduit between the old and the young youth Congress leaders who may, in turn, rope in the cadres for a more pro-active role. 

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