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Friday, August 24, 2012

Sonia Gandhi: Whoever spoils social harmony must be punished

New Delhi: Congress President and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Sunday called for swift action against people behind the violence in Assam and those spoiling harmony. "What is happening to Northeast Indians is shameful. The guilty should be punished," she said.
Sonia Gandhi said that the country belonged to all Indians and that they have a right to live in any part of the country. The Congress President also expressed concern over Assam violence and said, "Whatever happened in Assam is a matter of great sorrow and concern. Legal action should happen swiftly against those responsible for the incident, whoever they are."
Sonia Gandhi was addressing a function to confer the 20th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhawana Award in New Delhi. Prime Manmohan Singh also was present along with his senior cabinet colleagues and party leaders. The award with a citation and Rs 5 lakh cash was given to DR Mehta, the founder of Bhagwan Mahaveer Vikalang Sahayata Samiti.
"All sections of the society should come together to create such an atmosphere. This is true service of humanity," said Sonia Gandhi noting that the situations that have arisen in the country today are the one related to social unity and harmony.
"If we look at the history since Independence, the biggest challenge before the country has always come from those elements, who are enemies of social harmony and unity. Those, who have faced these elements and fought with them are the true warriors and in present circumstances, I consider only them true patriots," Sonia Gandhi said.
"The Centre and state governments should take stern action against those disturbing social harmony," said the Congress President on Assam violence and exodus of Northeast Indians. Sonia Gandhi added that late Rajiv Gandhi always fought against social communal tensions, violence and and hatred and sacrificed his life fighting them.
The Prime Minister said that Rajiv Gandhi knew very well that India can progress only when all the countrymen can live together with peace, tolerance and harmony.

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