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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sonia Gandhi believes that education is the main factor for development

Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi always believed that education for all is the foremost important factor for development. During her two day visit to her parliamentary constituency Raebareli recently, she had again emphasized that maximum people should get education for the overall development of the country. While addressing the function to lay the foundation stone for the project of strengthening and broadening works of two roads on the National Highway 24 B in Indira Gandhi Auditorium at Firoz Gandhi PG College, Raebareli she also highlighted various polices of Congress-led UPA government at the centre for education.
 “There is no end for duties and responsibilities in our life and in the similar manner there is no end for the efforts for development of our country. The moment we accomplish a scheme, we can always see new avenues for development.  We see new possibilities at each turn. It has been our sincere efforts to design new policies and schemes for the welfare of the people and to make the lives of the people more comfortable,” said Sonia Gandhi.
“The UPA Government at the Centre has implemented a number of welfare schemes aiming for the welfare of every section of our society and many people are reaping the benefits too. I think that society and the nation can move forward only if maximum people are educated. Education is the key for a better and bright future. The UPA Government at the Centre, has therefore, taken some strong steps in this direction. Approval has been given for one model school in every block and 75 percent of the cost is being given by the UPA government,” said Sonia Gandhi
The Congress MP further informed, “In Uttar Pradesh money has been provided for 148 schools. In Raebareli district too, the works are in progress for three model schools and the permission has been given for a Central school in Bachcharawa. Permission has been given to start all primary sections at the Central School in Gora Bazar which would be very much beneficial for the children in Raebareli.”

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