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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rahul Gandhi: BJP opposes all pro-poor policies of Congress-led UPA

Solan: Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi  joined the Congress campaign in the poll bound state of Himachal Pradesh on Thursday accused the BJP of creating obstructions for the legislations benefiting the people at large.  Rahul Gandhi also argued that only the Congress is serious to fight corruption.
Launching a scathing attack on the ruling party in the hill state at his first election rally in Salon, the Congress General Secretary said that that BJP was stalling legislations brought by UPA only for the sake of opposing them while the common man continued to suffer. "Whatever bills we bring in Parliament, the BJP opposes them all. They don't talk, they just oppose it.... Their thought is to stop us so that we do not come to power again in 2014, just as we won in 2004 and 2009.... Because they know if UPA government gives the Right to Food and Land Bill they can never win elections," said Rahul Gandhi.
"We brought the Land Acquisition Bill to benefit those whose land is acquired, for them to get the right price for their land, but the BJP stopped the Bill in the Parliamentary Committee. They want to stretch it long. They don't want the Bill," he said.
Charging the BJP with not being interested in welfare of common man, Mr Gandhi said, "They are not bothered..., but who will lose. It is the poor farmer who will lose. Those people will lose whose land is taken away," he said, listing legislations like Right to Food, Land Acquisition, MNREGA, loan waiver and RTI. Lashing out at the BJP for raising the issue of corruption, Rahul Gandhi said, "BJP talks about corruption, but here they are taking away the land of the poor and giving it to the rich." Maintaining that the UPA has taken strict action against corruption, he said, "Wherever we see corruption, we take strict action. Many of our ministers have been jailed."
Urging people to support the Congress and help bring its government back in Himachal Pradesh, he said only a Congress government can ensure the welfare of the aam aadmi, the poor and the downtrodden.
Rahul Gandhi backed the UPA’s policy of allowing FDI in retail and said it would help Himachal's farmer. He blasted BJP for blocking FDI, which would prove a boon for farmers and horticulturists and growers of other cash crops. "This is the mushroom capital of the country. Farmers can benefit from FDI in retail as storage facilities would significantly improve, thereby ensuring that the crop grown by the farmer would not perish in adverse weather...But they (BJP) will oppose it and not think about farmers," he said. Referring to corruption, he said that the government had armed the people with power tool like RTI Act which go a long way in combating corruption.
Rahul Gandhi, who earlier also addressed election rallies in Kangra and Keylong, said the policies of the ruling BJP government in Himachal have hurt the poor and only the Congress can bring inclusive development to the state. He said while the Union Government has brought welfare schemes which were aimed at bringing inclusive growth, the BJP's policies were pro-rich and charged the BJP in the state of giving the land of the poor to builders and indulging in corruption.

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