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Monday, October 29, 2012

Rahul Gandhi kick-starts his campaign in Himachal

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi  joined the Congress campaign in the poll bound state of Himachal Pradesh on Thursday accused the BJP of creating obstructions for the legislations benefiting the people at large.  Rahul Gandhi also argued that only the Congress is serious to fight corruption. He addressed public rallies in Solan, Kangra and Keylong. The Congress leader said while the union government has been sending money through central schemes, the state government has created a situation where a very small portion reaches its intended beneficiaries.
Taking on the BJP for its "anti-tribal" policies, Rahul Gandhi said that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was responsible for getting tribal status for the residents of Lahaul and Spiti and the Congress had made every effort to ensure the welfare of the tribal community in the state and the country.
"It was only after this that the tribal sub-plan started. But what is the BJP trying to do? They are trying to bring this down further. They are reducing it from 9 per cent to 8.5 per cent," Rahul Gandhi said attacking the BJP government. "We run a government that works for the welfare of poor, a government that provides schemes like MNREGA while they run a government for the rich," he said, adding, "We talk about joining, while they talk about breaking".
In Kangra, Rahul Gandhi said BJP was opposed to the idea of a government working for welfare of the 'aam admi' and that is why it did not allow Parliament to function. "Disruption of the Parliament did not hurt the BJP. It hurt the common people," he said. Rahul Gandhi urged the voters to support Congress for the benefit of the people and development of the state.

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