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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Direct cash subsidy transfer from Jan 1; Rahul Gandhi always talked about it

On many occasions, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi talked about the benefits of Aadhar card and he argued that this would ensure that the funds meant for aam aadmi would directly reach their accounts. Now this land mark policy is going to be a reality. The Union government has said that it would launch the payout of direct cash subsidy to people through the Aadhaar based system in 51 districts of the country from January 1 says Finance Minister P Chidambaram said. He said the government intends to complete roll out of the direct cash transfer through the Aadhaar system in the entire country by the end of 2013. This will, among other things, facilitate the pay out of direct cash subsidies to the targeted beneficiaries.
The dynamic Congress leader and and now the man who heads the Congress election campaign, Rahul Gandhi always showed a keen interest in the Aadhar-UID card and he has been putting in his all possible efforts to ensure its speedy implementation. 
This young leader always worked to ensure more and more comfort and welfare of the poor in the villages and he always wanted that they should be a part of the process of development. Rahul Gandhi, on many occasions, reiterated that, the youth in the villages should take part in the politics to cleanse the system. He always gave priority to the rural class. It is a disservice towards our nation to put question mark on the long term objectives initiated by Rahul Gandhi. The bridge he is trying to strengthen between the villages and our towns is a form of pay- back.
Rahul Gandhi is moving in the right direction. Time will prove his purity, clarity and vision. The efforts he puts in to democratize Youth Congress and NSUI  with a long term vision is superb  and these steps undoubtedly would redefine Indian Politics. It is going to improve the quality of polity in India. Have patience, results would be very positive.
Leader is someone who doesn't shy after falling from horse's back rather he takes the horse in command and continues fighting. Rahul Gandhi is a leader who has started his journey well and time will tell what all hidden talents he has. Unfortunately many people start judging people too fast.
He is one of the rare leaders who understands the aspirations of rural and urban India.  In his limited capacity has always championed their cause. When Rahul Gandhi became MP from Amethi he believed his primary concern was focusing on his constituency. When he was elected General Secretary he started focusing on Youth Congress and NSUI as well. He took his assignments seriously and moved in a systematic manner. He focused on his job and worked hard. These are certain qualities which a reluctant politician can't inherit.
Never doubt Rahul Gandhi's intentions. For him the real challenge is how to fix the leakages in almost all the welfare schemes meant for the most humble person of our society. With new assignments in hand, one can witness more commendable achievements from this young and dynamic leader.

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