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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rahul Gandhi in Delhi: Nation is supreme for Congress

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi encouraged Congress supporters on Sunday, at a big rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, defending the UPA government and exhorting the youth to join politics. He also underlined the need of changing and cleansing the existing political system in the country.
Slamming the opposition Rahul Gandhi said “The opposition is indulged in negative politics. They just oppose to anything we do. It was BJP who initiated the FDI in retail policy, but it was a weak bill. But when we introduced a strong bill they just opposed it. They spread rumours that the small traders will be affected badly by the FDI.  But FDI will benefit farmers. They will be able to use the facilities like cold storages and food processing.  They will be able to stand on their own”. 
“Our country is fast growing and the entire globe appreciates that. But here the opposition just opposes all our development oriented policies. They are not bothered about the losses of the farmers, workers or the youth. We also were in opposition. When the Kargil war broke out, we stood by the government and extended our whole hearted support to the Vajpayee Government. We never opposed any move by the government which is helpful for the country and the people. Because, the country is supreme for us” said Rahul Gandhi.
While concluding his address Rahul Gandhi said “The Congress is here to bring in development. We are here to cleanse the system. We know that we have the support of the people and that is why you have come here in large numbers. Congress is committed for the farmers, weaker sections and the poor. We also understand that for development we need liberalization and economic reforms. Only when businesses operate well will there be progress, and then we can run programmes to benefit the poor.  I am confident that our country will stand up and the entire world will appreciate us”
Exhorting the youth Rahul Gandhi said “The youth here will show not just India but also the whole world the way forward. The Congress will help them by giving space in our political journey”.  
The rally was one of the biggest one witnessed by Delhi in which thousands of people from various parts of the country had attended. The rally was also addressed by Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh alongwith several senior leaders.

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