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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sonia Gandhi in Shimla urges the Himchal people to oust BJP and support Congress

Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, while addressing a well attended Congress rally on Tuesday at Shimla - the capital of poll bound Himachal Pradesh- launched a blistering attack on the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state government and urged the voters to oust the anti-poor BJP govt and bring back a pro-development Congress govt. in the state.
“What BJP did for this state in the past five years? Why the state of affairs is so pathetic here?” asked Sonia Gandhi and added “ Had they paid little more attention towards development, the situation would have been much better here. Because of the scarcity of electricity and water the people here are facing a lot of difficulties”. “The educated youth here are jobless. There are no sufficient teachers in schools and adequate doctors in hospitals. The farmers and other workers also have been facing hardships at present. The life of my sisters here are full of troubles. What happened to the promises made by the BJP? It has shattered your dreams. The duty of a government should ensure welfare of the poor and justice to all sections of the society” argued the Congress President.
Detailing the Congress-led UPA’s measures to tackle corruption Sonia Gandhi said “It was the Congress and UPA which the crucial legislation of Right To Information, which is a powerful tool to fight corruption.  It was the Congress, which made a strong Lokpal Bill to fight corruption and got it passed in the Lok Sabha. But who stopped the passage of the same in the Rajya Sabha? It was the BJP which stalled it”. “They are not serious about corruption and their fight against corruption is just a show off. In fact, they are not against graft but are against the Congress”  added Sonia Gandhi.
Taking on the BJP led state government the UPA Chairperson continued, “The rise in the prices of essential commodities is a serious matter of concern for us and we understand the difficulties of the common man due to this.  The Central Government has been putting in its serious efforts to control the price rise but the state governments also have a similar responsibility to take adequate measures to reduce the burden of the people. When the Congress run state governments increased the limit of gas cylinders from 6 to 9 to benefit my sisters there, why the state government here could not take such a step?”
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