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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rahul Gandhi at Jaipur AICC session: Congress is with DNA of entire Indians Part 03

Congress vice-President Rahul Gandhi while delivering his first speech at Congress' chintan shivir at the Jaipur on the concluding day said that the people of this country are his life and he will fight for them. "The people of India are my life and I will fight for the people of India and for this party. I will fight with everything I have. I invite all of you to stand up and take on this fight" said Rahul Gandhi amidst loud applauds. Power is grossly centralized in our country. We only empower the people at the top of our system. We don't believe in empowering the people all the down all the way in the bottom. Every single day I meet people with tremendous understanding. Almost everywhere they are kept out of system.. No one can hear their voice.. No matter how much they try to speak.. no one listens.. I also meet people holding high positions.. they have tremendous voice but no understanding of the issues at hand.. Why this happens? It happens because we don't respect knowledge.. We respect positions.. It doesn't matter how much wisdom you have, if you do not have a position you mean nothing. This is the tragedy of India.. Why the youth are out on the streets? They are angry because they are alienated. They are excluded from the political class.. They watch from the sidelines.. Why are our women suffering? Because their voices have not been trampled upon the people with arbitrary powers on their lives. Why our poor are confined to poverty? Because decisions regarding their lives and the services they need are being taken by people far away answerable to them only in theory.. Unless we respect and empower people for their knowledge and understanding we cannot change anything in this country.. All our public system, administration, justice, education and political system are designed to keep people with knowledge out. They are all closed system. Their design creates mediocrity and mediocrity dominates. Mediocrity dominates discussions and the voices are crushed by the loudness of the people who posses neither the understanding nor compassion. Success in these systems does not come through building. It comes by excluding. It comes not by pushing people forward but by holding people back. Everyday initiative is killed to maintain the status quo. We do not praise our colleagues or look at their strengths. We only look at the ways to neutralize them. Every day we face with the hypocrisy of this system. We see it every day but we pretend that it is not there. People who are corrupt stand up and talk about eradicating corruption. People who disregard women in their entire life talk about women's rights. Until we start to respect and empower the people for their knowledge, for their understanding, we are never going to change this country.

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