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Monday, January 28, 2013

Rahul Gandhi's first speech after taking over as Congress Vice President

Newly appointed Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while delivering his first speech after the new assignment at Congress' chintan shivir at the Jaipur on the concluding day said that the people of this country are his life and he will fight for them. "The people of India are my life and I will fight for the people of India and for this party. I will fight with everything I have. I invite all of you to stand up and take on this fight" said Rahul Gandhi amidst loud applauds. "This is a huge honour for me. Over the past 8 years and in the past 8 years the party has taught a lot to me. The party has reposed tremendous faith in me and I want to thank all of you from bottom of my heart for all the help and directions they have given me" he added.

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