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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rahul Gandhi at CII conclave; stresses for inclusive growth, improved connectivity

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi while addressing the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) annual conclave at New Delhi on Thursday stressed for the need for inclusive growth and improved connectivity. “The biggest danger is excluding people -  excluding the poor, middle class, tribals, dalits, women and minorities. Whenever he have not embraced the excluded – the women, tribals, poor, we always have fallen backwards” said Rahul Gandhi.
In his first interaction with India Inc Rahul Gandhi shared his vision with top business leaders of the country during an hour-long interaction emphasising on the need for bringing about structural changes to empower common people and providing basic infrastructure in all respects.
Striking chord with the Industrial giants Rahul Gandhi said “I have come here because I have belief in you. I believe that this country cannot move forward without you.  I have come here because I want to forge a partnership with you – a long term partnership to take this country forward.  Let us work together to build a brave empowered new India”.
The Congress Vice President underlined that the Congress is the only party which believes in inclusive growth and added that the country has witnessed faster economic growth under the UPA government at the centre because it had greatly lowered tensions among communities and fostered harmony. “Anger, hatred and prejudice do not contribute to growth. Do not underestimate the benefits of harmony” further said Rahul Gandhi.  
“When you play the politics of alienating communities, you stop the movement of people and ideas. When that happens we all suffer. Businesses suffer and the seeds of disharmony are sown and the dreams of our people are severely disrupted and cautioned that this damage takes a very long time to reverse” argued the young Congress leader.
Rahul Gandhi went on to say “What India is thirsting for now is a visionary partnership – a partnership that incentivises the view to provide economic gains for the poor and millions of aspiring middle class.  It is only once this partnership is forged, that will generate the momentum to transform this country”.  “Congress party is the only political institution capable of forging this partnership. It is the only party which is inclusive by design and its core-value is promoting harmony. We are committed to creating an open political architecture that is accessible to every Indian”, he added.
While concluding his address, Rahul Gandhi said that India cannot move forward without partnership; without working together. ”The poor are one component of our country. Business is another component. The middle class is the third component. We have to work with all these components. .. it cannot be done without you”.
Rahul Gandhi’s first interaction with India Inc was heartfelt, honest and self-critiquing and echoed his progressive vision for a better transformed India.

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