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Friday, October 25, 2013

Rahul Gandhi in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) attacks BJP for inciting communal riots Part 01

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi struck an emotional chord with the people of Indore while addressing a mammoth election rally as part of his campaign in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh. "We have to make this historic city of Indore the commercial capital of not only Madhya Pradesh but of India. Will there be a day when on being asked about Indore, people in US and UK say that it is the industrial & commercial capital of India?" and the huge crowd roared' Yes". "If Indore has to be made an industrial and commercial capital, MP government has to listen to the people. The people of Indore want jobs and other infrastructure. The day government listens to the public, they day youth of Indore is given power, Indore will become a commercial capital. It has been 10 years, but BJP has been unable to make Indore a commercial capital; frankly they are not even capable of doing it" further said the Congress Vice President. Slamming the BJP for inciting violence and for sparking communal fire, Rahul Gandhi said "Wherever they (BJP) go, there is a fire. What they don't realise is the damage that does. And who does the fire-fighting? The Congress party. BJP thinks that they can win polls by inciting riots".

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