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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rahul Gandhi in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) slams BJP for igniting communal fire

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi struck an emotional chord with the people of Indore while addressing a mammoth election rally as part of his campaign in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh.

We have to make this historic city of Indore the commercial capital of not only Madhya Pradesh but of India. Will there be a day when on being asked about Indore, people in US and UK say that it is the industrial & commercial capital of India?

Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore became top important cities because they were connected with foreign cities. People of Mumbai made Mumbai what it is, same for Bangalore and they were helped by the government. They got the help in the way of infrastructure like you have metro now here. To make the city a commercial capital, you need help, infrastructure. Whenever an Indian wants to become an entrepreneur, he is stopped due to the lack of infrastructure.

I went to Maharashtra a few years back, I was speaking to a woman living in a slum, she told me one of her sons will become an IAS and another son will become a businessman. I told her if she is receiving help from the govt to fullfill her dream. She said no, I am fighting this battle alone.

When people try to come up, they are stamped upon. For example here people who are trying to come forward are being beaten up by the police. What right do the police have? They have been asked to take care of the public. But it is not their fault. I am saying this in front of the police, they should not feel bad. It is not their fault. This happens across the country.

Yesterday I was talking about my grandma and father. My father became the Prime Minister when he was just 40 years old. I was a kid and for me, my father was a here. I am sure, for everyone, father is a hero.

If Indore has to be made an industrial and commercial capital, MP government has to listen to the people.  The people of Indore want jobs and other infrastructure. The day government listens to the public, they day youth of Indore is given power, Indore will become a commercial capital. It has been 10 years, but BJP has been unable to make Indore a commercial capital; frankly they are not even capable of doing it.

Congress party is instrumental in making Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore with the help of the people. When we took computers to Bangalore in 1980, BJP laughed at us, they criticised us saying all jobs will be gone; yes; all jobs are now gone to Bangalore. Congress with the help of the power of the people here can make this city an industrial capital. We can do it. We will use the Central funds properly to build infrastructure and will prevent the industrialists and business houses running away from here.

We must dream big. I don't say that Indore should beat Mumbai or Bangalore, it will take the city 15 years to do so but in 10 years time Indore should definitely be among the top 5 commercial cities. We will give you the infrastructure to do so and you must give your strength to us too..  I will be here to fight with you to make this dream a reality.

The BJP and Congress has one major difference. They say infrastructure is enough for development. I once asked the ministry of road transport and highways what NDA had  done and what we've done. I got the reply that the Congress made thrice as many roads. We make more roads, airports, railways - but we also empower the poor. That is why we implemented the right to food, right to job and Land Acquisition bill. We will never desert the poor. India is not built by roads, it is built by its people.

We need to take everyone in India along with us - every mother, every child irrespective of religion or caste. But BJP believes in making people fight with one another for narrow political gains. That is what happened in Muzaffarnagar. I had gone there. Both Hindus and Muslims were killed. Both Hindus and Muslims told me that there was no hatred among them. They told me that BJP ignited fire. It made those people to fight. BJP knows that they cannot win polls without spreading hatred among Hindus and Muslims.

Few days back one IB officer came to my room. He told me that some of the victims of Muzaffarnagar riots and some of Pakistan Intelligent agencies are communicating with some of the victims.

Who will douse these (communal) fires? Wherever they (BJP) go, there is a fire. What they don't realise is the damage that does. And who does the fire-fighting? The Congress party. BJP thinks that they can win polls by inciting riots.
People gave mandate for Congress party in 2004 and 2009 because India is about love, brotherhood. We don't like hatred.  Only Congress talks about love, brotherhood and harmony. We unite people. The Congress believes in harmony.
All big things that have been achieved in this world have been done through love. Hatred achieves nothing, only gets people killed.

We need to empower the poor, downtrodden, women and the youth. This can be done only by the Congress. BJP will not do it. I want people from the most underprivileged section to be the lawmakers. We must do it. Congress can do it.
Thank you.

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