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Friday, November 8, 2013

Rahul Gandhi in Chhattisgarh: BJP govt is the champion of corruption

Rahul Gandhi in Chhattisgarh: BJP govt is the champion of corruption, the world champion
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a huge election rally in Rajnandangaon at poll bound Chhattisgarh on Friday. He slammed the ruling the BJP government in the state by calling it the world champions in corruption. “BJP is the champion of corruption; it is the world champion in corruption” he said.
Referring to the brutal massacre of top Congress leaders in the state by the Maoists in the last May, he said “I was talking about attacks on our Congress leaders. These leaders were very close to the people. But they were snatched from you. In fact, the attack was not on Congress but it was on the voice of common man”. “Nandkumar Patel was going to become to the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh. He was unstoppable. There was only one way to stop him and that was to kill him. That is what happened”, further said the Congress leader.

Launching a blistering attack on the BJP government, Rahul Gandhi commented, “For the past ten years BJP has been ruling Chhattisgarh. There is no problem with this state. There is no shortage for money, resources, lands or forests. Chhattisgarh is rich but people are poor. The BJP government says it is developing the state. What development they are talking about? Are the youth here getting jobs? Are you getting proper education? The people in the govt just talk big things but people get nothing”. “Our country cannot move forward until we empower the common people - this has been the vision of the Congress. BJP wants that the entire power rest with the chief minister and also those with him enjoy benefits. And then they make big speeches about ensuring people benefit,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“You know that about 6 lakh acres of lands were acquired by the BJP government here and sold it to big industrialists, but people got no benefits. I agree we need development, but the people whose lands are grabbed also must be benefitted. That is why we brought in the land bill. Not only the farmers whose lands are acquired but the labourers who work in the land also will be compensated” said the Congress Vice President. “BJP just talks big, makes hollow promises. Congress believes in action” he quipped.

Congress is fighting this election as one. It is the party of the common people, of the poor people, of the adivasis, labourers, Dalits, women and the youth. Congress is going to form a government here” he assured.

Striking a chord with the big crowd, Rahul Gandhi continued “I want to remind you that the water, the lands and the forests here belong to you. The state belongs to you. The BJP is trying to snatch this from you, but Congress will be giving it back to you. And if you want to give your land to the industrialists, it will be your choice. No one can forcibly grab your lands without your permission”.
“Nandkumar Patel was your voice. When he was killed, your voice was killed. So let us form a Congress government here to initiate the process of empowering aam aadmi, poor, adivasis and the youth,” said Rahul Gandhi while concluding his speech.

The polling in Chhattisgarh is scheduled to take place in two phases, on Nov 11 and 19.

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