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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sonia Gandhi in Bhilai(Chhattisgarh)

Sonia Gandhi in Bhilai: Chhattisgarh is way behind in development due to BJP misruleBhilai: Congress President and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi addressed a huge election rally at Bhilai in poll bound Chhattisgarh on Tuesday and hit out at the BJP government in the state for lack of development.

“The Central government sent huge funds under all these schemes for Chhattisgarh but despite this, the people are facing huge difficulties. Poverty has been on rise. I want to ask BJP what development they are talking about in Chhattisgarh. Who is progressing here? They make big promises but do nothing. You can feel the pulse of misrule by the BJP in every nook and corner of the state. Common man lives in fear. Why it is happening because the BJP government in the state is not at all bothered about its people” said the Congress President slamming the BJP misrule in the state.

“The corruption has broken all its records under BJP’s ten year regime in Chhattisgarh. CAG has pointed fingers towards several ministers and BJP leaders over corruption but the state government took no action against them. The funds sent for development by the Centre is being misused and diverted for the personal purposes” alleged the UPA Chairperson.

Highlighting the achievements of the Congress led UPA Government at the Centre, Sonia Gandhi said, “UPA government understands the sentiments of the people and realises their problems. We have therefore adopted a right-based approach. We have Right of Information Act so that any citizen of India can gather any information regarding the government functioning. By Right to Education, every child has the right for free education in government schools upto the age of 14” “Mahatama Gandhi NREGA guarantees 100 days of job guarantee for rural poor. We also brought in Food Security Bill to make sure that no one in our country lives in hunger. We enacted Right to Forest law to grant rights to the Adivasis in their lands and forest crops. We have launched “Aam Adami Beema Yojana” for workers in the unorganised sectors and also implemented schemes like old-age pension. Through Panchayati Raj system, the women were given 50% in local bodies. Similar other schemes were also implemented to the welfare and empowerment of women. All our policies are aimed at all round development and for the welfare and upliftment of the most underprivileged” she added.

“We don’t believe in making false promises. We do, whatever we say” claimed Sonia Gandhi. “Our efforts will be to ensure progress of the state and improvement in the lives of the people. We will implement schemes that the BJP-led government hasn't implemented so far” promised the Congress leader while concluding her address.

Eighteen Constituencies spread over eight districts in south Chhattisgarh went to polls on Monday while the remaining 72 segments will go into polls on November 19. As many as 985 candidates are in the fray for 90 seats.

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