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Friday, December 13, 2013

Rahul Gandhi at Congress manifesto meeting

Congress Vice President Sh. Rahul Gandhi holds a meeting with SC/ST representatives to discuss Congress Manifesto. "We started this process to open to these close doors gradually. There are two closed rooms in Indian politics, one is policies and other one is ticket. We want to open these two rooms in 21st century. This is the reason I have come here and discussing this with you. It's not a mere paper but it's a commitment for us when our party forms a government. Whatever we write on our manifesto, we will accomplish that." Rahul Gandhi. "The Congress has to completely transform itself and it has to give voice to our biggest supporters. It cannot continue to operate the way it does. It means developing, and promoting leadership among these communities and making them run, there is no other way around. Everything else is history. You are seeing right now the first step of that process. In the youth Congress we have been doing this for years. We understand how it is does very well. We have all the system to do it. We are going to implement and you are going to see the difference." Rahul Gandhi said.

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