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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rahul Gandhi at FICCI AGM: The biggest issue today is corruption. It is bleeding the nation dry

Rahul Gandhi: Peace cannot be constructed on hate and societies cannot be built on injustice
Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, while addressing the valedictory session of 86th AGM of FCCI on Saturday, termed corruption as the biggest issue that was bleeding people and lauded the UPA Government’s achievement of passing the land mark Lokpal Bill to fight it.

"The biggest issue today is corruption. It is bleeding the nation dry. Amendment to Prevention of Corruption Act and Grievance Redressal Bill will be massive steps against graft,” said Rahul Gandhi. “The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government has faced a lot of criticism; but it has done more to combat corruption than any other government", he added. “We must fight corruption with all our strength and determination”, asserted the Congress leader.
“India cannot afford to hold back business because of slow decision-making” said the Congress vice-president and continued, “Many projects are stuck because of good reasons but some are held back because of no good reason at all.”

Striking a chord with India Inc, Rahul Gandhi said, “You're the stakeholders of the Congress party and our bond with you goes back a long time”.
Referring to the setback his party received in the recently held assembly polls, he said, “The recently held elections have made a point, we need to have the foresight and humility to listen to the people without any excuses”.

Rahul Gandhi also stressed that India needed growth to fight poverty. “We need to generate 100 million jobs in the next 10 years … Our aim is that when India celebrates its 100th birthday, it should be the largest economy in the world” said the Congress leader and underlined “Beating inflation is our top priority.”
He also touched the lighter vein in the audience as he made a passing reference to the recent controversy over an ordinance on convicted lawmakers. “I learnt a lesson that it is not polite to ask for an ordinance to be torn up and thrown away,” he said as the conference hall burst into laughter.
“The Congress mission is anchored in the idea that humanity needs to be united in love, compassion and harmony,” said Rahul Gandhi. “Our vision for India is whose economy is the largest to the world, second to nobody” he added. “Peace can’t be constructed on hate and societies can't be built on injustice. Congress understands that,” he said explaining his vision on Indian polity. “We are on a threshold of a second green revolution. High inflation on the back of high food price is a rising concern” further said the Congress leader.

“Poverty can’t be fought without growth, there is no confusion in my mind about it”, quipped Rahul Gandhi and added, “India has to become the global leader in manufacture; that should be our mission”. “We believe that economic prosperity must include everyone. But poverty cannot be fought without growth.. Self Help groups have shattered the mindset of money lenders” commented the Congress Member of Parliament.
On education, Rahul Gandhi said, “We need to rid ourselves of the idea that academia and industry are separate silos.. Our education system does not do justice to the youngsters” and urged the India
Inc, “We need you to invest more on education and R&D”.

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