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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rahul Gandhi urges all parties to set aside differences and support Lokpal Bill

Rahul Gandhi: Congress is committed for Lokpal Bill, requests all parties support to pass it
New Delhi: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday, while addressing the media persons, emphasized that his party is committed to pass the Lokpal Bill in the Parliament. He also urged the parties – both allies and the opposition- to support the legislature in Parliament.

"We would like opposition and other parties to ensure the Bill is passed. This is a matter of national importance. We would like all parties to put aside their concerns and do this job," Rahul Gandhi said at the press conference, flanked by union ministers P Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal.

The Congress leader denied that his party was in a hurry to pass the Bill to redeem itself after its defeat in state polls. "This is not a question of defeat or victory. It is a big step towards tackling corruption, it should be taken and the bill must be passed," said Rahul Gandhi.

“This is a bill of national importance and there is broad consensus. Congress is ready to support it,” he added. If we can get support of all parties, we can pass Lokpal bill.. . This Bill will help India in a big way. We are at the finishing stage. Congress is committed to pass it. We request all others to support it”, urged the Congress Vice President.

Expressing concern over the continuing logjam in the Parliament, Rahul Gandhi said “Congress has been struggling to pass the Lokpal Bill. But Parliament has been disrupted”. “Lokpal Bill is not a solution to all issues, but it is a big step. We must pass Lokpal bill” he said replying to a question.
“We have been working a frame work to curb graft. The most important step was RTI. And now, Lokpal Bill is also one among them. It also can be a powerful tool to tackle corruption”, said Rahul Gandhi. “RTI was the most important step to curb graft. We are committed to provide an anti-corruption legislature. Lokpal is an addition”, he reiterated.

While responding to the queries, the Congress leader asserted, “Our duty is to provide measures to tackle corruption. We gave you RTI and now Lokpal is also ready,” and cointinued, “We are 99% through on Lokpal Bill. What we need is 1% movement or push from political parties so that we can deliver on Lokpal Bill”.“Lokpal bill is important for the country. We must set aside all differences and other concerns and must work together to get it passed. All parties must come together to support this legislature. That is all what we wanted to say in this press conference. Thank you,” said Rahul Gandhi while ending the press meet.

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