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Monday, January 20, 2014

Congress President Sonia Gandhi at AICC session (New Delhi), 17th Jan 2014

Congress President Sonia Gandhi at AICC session (New Delhi), 17th Jan 2014
Honorable Dr. Manmohan Singh ji, Vice President Rahul Gandhi ji, presented leaders, colleagues,
In all those speeches in this session we heard, there was kind of enthusiasm and self-confidence. It has proved from that our morale has been on high side and we are ready to face the coming challenge.
Many suggestions have come up and I think they should find place in our resolution. As Rahul ji has just said, those bills which are pending must get passed in the parliament soon. There are six bills which are the part of our policies to combat corruption. There are some bills too which were being mentioned by our colleagues, which make dalit, poor, tribal and differently disable more empowered. I am sure Prime Minister and his colleagues will pay their attention on these suggestions and we will try that these bills are presented in the coming session of the parliament.
All speakers had mentioned the achievements of Congress led UPA government in their speeches. Certainly it will be the part of election campaign. We publicize them as much as we can. There shouldn’t be any hesitation regarding this. The significant energy and excitement I am seeing in this hall is the proof that we can do anything we decide to do.
If we work with unity and discipline then no power can stop us. Therefore come and channelize your works so that in the coming days we can face the challenges. We should be united so that our battle ends with a triumph. And the future will be ours.
Jai Hind!

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