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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rahul Gandhi at AICC meet: takes on BJP, ends speculations on PM candidate

Rahul Gandhi at AICC meet: We are not assembled here as individuals, but as the trustees of an idea
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi delivered an electrifying speech at the AICC Session being held at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi and also took a dig at the opposition by saying that they are expert in marketing.
“We are not assembled here as individuals today. We are assembled here as the trustees of an idea, and we going to defend this idea. This idea is far greater than any one of us. It is greater than me, you, the Prime Minister or the Congress President. We respect the respect and dignity of every single one of our countrymen, regardless who he is”, said the young Congress leader amidst loud applauds from the gathering.
In an indirect attack on BJP, Rahul Gandhi said, “You have a opposition today and there is Congress. Both are different... They say whatever comes to their mind. They are good in marketing. They have songs, music and lot of other shining things for marketing. They are experts in such a way they sell combs to bald people”. Further in an apparent dig at AAP, the Congress Vice President continued, “Now, we have some new entrants. If the one section in opposition sells combs to bald, the new party has started hair-cut on bald heads” and warned “Please do not fall in their traps and words”.
Slamming Narendra Modi and BJP’s ‘Congress mukth Bharat’ campaign, Rahul Gandhi said, “Opposition campaigns for a Congress-free India. They neither know our history nor read history books. I want to tell them that Congress is not just a party, but a vision, an ideology which is deep rooted in the hearts and minds of common people- the ideology based on brotherhood, love and dignity. I want to tell the opposition that this is not a new vision but is 3000 years old.. Please keep it in your mind that this vision is not yet vanished from our culture in the past 3000 years and no one can ever do so. And whoever who tried to finish this ideology, got finished themselves”. “Democracy is not rule by the dictate. We have struggled for this from last hundred years. Democracy is not rule by one man. Democracy is ruled through the empowered elected representatives to you,” he added.
“We do not respond by turning people against one and another. We do not respond by the lighting the fires of communal hatred. No, we do not respond by proposing either that is structure of democracy be handed to one man or that viciously destroyed” said Rahul Gandhi in another indirect attack on BJP and said further, “The Congress party responds through peaceful and constitutional democratic means. We respond from the sole of the values that built this great nation”.

Ending all speculations about his prime minister candidature, Rahul Gandhi categorically said “Now, I want to talk about the Prime ministership... In our constitution, it is clearly written that the elected member of parliaments elect the Prime Minister. Congress is a party which respects constitution and its democratic principles. We will fight elections and we will win it. But our member of parliaments only will elect our Prime Minister. “I want to tell you one thing more. I am a sincere Sepoy of the Congress and I am ready to do whatever my party asks me to do. You just order and I will just obey it”, he assured.
Full text of the speech of Rahul Gandhi at AICC meet in New Delhi

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