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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rahul Gandhi: BJP must realize that Congress is the only party that has kept India united

Rahul Gandhi: The nation can't run on the whims and fancies of a particular person
Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi stated that he is ready to take any responsibility, if given, and will do whatever the party wants him to do. “Congress should come to power in the interest of the country. I will take up whatever responsibility is given to me by my party in the future and do it diligently to the best of my abilities,” said Rahul Gandhi in an interview to Dainik Bhaskar, Hindi news daily.
The Congress vice-president also expressed hope that Congress party will do well in the next General Elections and his party's return to power will hold good for the nation. “People, sometimes, underestimate Congress. That had happened in 2004 and 2009, but we came out victorious. Coming general elections will be very exciting and I am confident that we will perform well in the polls”, said Rahul Gandhi and stated further, “We have done tremendous works in the last ten years. We changed the development paradigm of our country. We brought in land mark policies like the NREGA, Right to Education and land acquisition bills. Congress has been granting rights to the people. We gave right to information and right to forests. We granted rights to identity through Aadhar. We also provided the people with right to food. We have created history by ensuring rights to the people”.
When asked about BJP’s Congress-free India campaign and Narendra Modi’s popularity, the young Congress leader quipped, “BJP now wants personality oriented leadership which isn't in the favour of the nation. The nation can't run on the whims and fancies of a particular person. The future of the 120 million people will be secured only if we take all the citizens along. Congress is in the DNA of this country. BJP needs to realise that Congress is the only party that has kept the people of India united”.
Rahul Gandhi denied reports that Congress is fast losing its allies. “It is untrue that my party is losing its allies, we have alliances in Maharashtra and J&K. Further discussions are in progress,” he said.
About speculations regarding a bigger responsibility for Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi said “Priyanka is my sister and my friend. She is also an active Congress soldier. Her ideas strengthen me as well as my party. I do not think that she will have any election-based role”.
Rahul Gandhi also took a jibe at the Aam Aadmi Party and, “I do not agree with them on many matters. Our decisions must be with a long term vision aimed at safety and security of the people, and must not be short-termed”.
“My focus is on a long term vision for the future of our country, where all Indians have equal freedom, dignity and opportunity. My vision is for an India where girls are not discriminated against. We need to transform the civil service and legal system. Government must be honest and should be zero tolerant on corruption” he said in the interview.
(Courtesy – Dainik Bhaskar)

English version of the excerpts of the interview with Rahul Gandhi published in Dainik Bhaskar on 14 Jan, 2014

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