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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rahul Gandhi addresses women rally in Karnataka

Rahul Gandhi addresses women rally in Karnataka, stresses for more women participation in politics

 Congress Vice President Sh. Rahul Gandhi, who is on a two-day visit to Karnataka, addressed an all women rally in Tumkur. While addressing the rally he stressed for increased women participation in politics. Rahul Gandhi also slammed the BJP and said there is no space for women in it.
Rahul Gandhi began his speech by remembering Balavani Velamma ji and Chittoor Rani Chinnamma ji. He also said that India can never become a super power if we do not empower the women in the country. "We can only be half-super power till we ensure women empowerment", said the Congress vice President.
“I go to every state in India and I realise that wherever women are empowered there is development. This is the major difference between those states and other states. Wherever women are uplifted, there is progress and wherever women are being suppressed development not talking place," Rahul Gandhi said.
He also highlighted various policies and schemes implemented by the Congress-led UPA government at the centre. “Central government has done a lot for women. We have introduced the women reservation bill in the parliament and we will try to pass it. We want to bring women in the parliament. We have implemented 50% reservation through Panchayati Raj and that will be beneficial for you", he added.
“Our schemes whether it’s MNREGA, Right to information and Food security bill, all are aimed to empower women. We have passed a strict law against rape. We want to give you security with respect. We want to build nation from your power.” Rahul Gandhi continued.
The Congress leader further said he wants more women contest elections and their faces must be seen in Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and Panchayat and entire India must feel their strength.
He stressed for the need to bring more women into the Congress party. “We need to utilize your power and knowledge.” Rahul Gandhi concluded his speech.
Full text of Speech of Rahul Gandhi at Tumkur (Karnataka)

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