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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rahul Gandhi at Dehradun: Congress will never deviate from its pro-poor ideology

Rahul Gandhi at Congress rally in Dehardun says BJP wants to grab rights of the people
Dehradun: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday kick-started his party’s campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls by addressing a mammoth party rally in Dehradun. While speaking on the occasion, he took on the BJP for its divisive politics and anti-people policies.
“The opposition (BJP) is not serious about people’s pain. They indulge in divisive tactics. While Congress wants to empower people, the opposition wants to grab people’s rights. Their aim is just to grab power by any means”, said Rahul Gandhi and also took a dig indirectly at BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi by commenting “They think that if they get PM post, all problems will be solved”.
He continued his attack on Modi and said, “I want to reiterate that we cannot move forward without empowering our women across the country. Wherever there is women empowerment we can see progress there. A BJP leader talks about development in Gujarat, but it developed because of the women there. I do not talk about myself. I do talk about women, youth and the poor. I stress for their empowerment. If we have developed that is because of the blood and sweat of the people and not due to any individual. He may be thinking that progress took place due to his efforts but he is wrong. It is the people who did it. Congress will use the power of the people to build the nation”.
Slamming BJP’s double-speak on corruption, the Congress leader said, “BJP talks loud on corruption. But it was the Congress which gave the nation the most powerful tool to fight corruption – the RTI. It was the Congress which brought Lokpal” and added “How is RTI functioning in Gujarat? They do not have proper RTI commissioners there. It took 9 years to have a Lokayukta in Gujarat. Even that Lokayukta is not powerful; it is highly under the control of a single person”.
Speaking on the flash floods that struck Uttarakhand last year causing major damage, Rahul Gandhi said, “When the state was under crisis, everyone in the country stood with it. Entire India was united to help Uttarakhand – Dalits, Adivasis, Sikhs, Hindus all were with you. I also saw the victims in Uttarakhand helping others. The people here have strength and potential. Though some handful of people indulged in divisive ideology, the people stood as one. I had just talked to your Chief Minister and he has assured that the reconstruction of the damaged infrastructure will be completed as early as possible and I am sure that the people will get its benefits soon. The Centre also had extended maximum help, sent Rs 7000 cr, to help flood-hit Uttarakhand”.
He also struck a chord with the Army. “Do you know who helped you the most? Not Rahul Gandhi, not the Central government but it was the Army. We can never forget it. I am grateful to them. We realise their strength and that is why their long pending demand for one-rank, one pension was approved by the Prime Minister and Sonia Ji” said the Congress Vice President amid cheers from the huge crowd.
“We must listen to the people, to realise their problems. That has been the policy of the Congress. There may be some setbacks but we will never go back from our ideology” asserted Rahul Gandhi.
Full text of the speech of Rahul Gandhi at Dehradun

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