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Monday, March 31, 2014

Rahul Gandhi at Congress rally in Nabarangpur at Odisha; takes on NDA

Nabarangpur: "The NDA leaders talk a lot but do nothing for the people. The pain and problems of the people are not visible for them" said Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Vice President, while addressing a huge Congress rally at Nabarangpur in Odisha."Odisha is a rich state; it has huge wealth, natural resources and forests. But though the state is rich, the people are poor here. There is no shortage of anything here. But your government take away your natural resources and sell it to big industrialists and only a handful people, not the people, avail benefits" said Rahul Gandhi taking on the BJD government in the state and continued, "The water for irrigation in Odisha is not reaching the people as it is being diverted to rich industrialists. I am not saying that industrialists should not get water and electricity. But what Congress believes is the poor also must get benefits alongwith the business people. There should be a balanced approach for development".

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