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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rahul Gandhi at West Bengal: Communists, TMC failed the state; only Congress will serve people

Rahul Gandhi at West Bengal: Only a Congress government can ensure development

 Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a rally of party workers at Jalpaiguri in West Bengal on Tuesday morning. He highlighted the achievements of the central government and appealed the people to support Congress in the upcoming Lok Sabha Polls. “The UPA Government at the Centre, in the past ten years, implemented several policies and programmes for the welfare of the people. MNREGA – the biggest employment guarantee scheme in the world- ensures a minimum of 100 days jobs to our rural masses, without any discrimination”, said the Congress leader.
Referring Centre’s flagship RTI Act, Rahul Gandhi said, “Earlier all policy decisions were used to take behind closed doors by some bureaucrats and ministers and people normally get no idea. But, today, any citizen can get information regarding government functioning after we implemented Right to Information Act. It entitles every person to gather information on any administrative matters. Similarly we also granted rights to food through the Food Security Bill. Every poor in our country is guaranteed to get food grains”.
“The farmers in our country shed their sweat and blood in their lands but one day governments grab their lands without giving proper compensation. The old Land Bill, which was made by British, was not able to solve this menace. But now, the new revised Land Acquisition Bill prevents all such acts and the farmers are ensured with proper and adequate compensation for the lands acquired and it prevents any forcible land acquisition” informed the Congress Vice President. “Our efforts have been to build a strong floor, based on their rights, under the feet of the poor so that they feel their role in nation building” underlined Rahul Gandhi.
Slamming the present TMC government in the state, the Congress leader continued, “We send huge funds for education, health and roads to West Bengal also; we are sending more funds to Bengal than any other states. But those funds are not being used properly here. I just could see myself the pathetic conditions of the gutter-filled roads here. It is the people who suffer due to this; they face difficulties if they are not able to get proper health, education and road facilities. We send crores of rupees for Bengal’s development. This is your money and not of any minister or MLA. The sad fact is that the funds do reach Kolkata but do not reach the people. We need to change this. Your money must reach you”.
“Earlier you were under Communist regime. Communism is a failed ideology. The Russia rejected it, China changed it. I feel happy that the people of Bengal also threw it out from the state. There was a hope that you will have a new government that will fight for the people and improve the situation in the fields of education, health, employment generation, universities and roads. But unfortunately experience disappointed us. The present TMC government also followed the same footsteps of Communists. They had opposed the Left but followed the same principles” said Rahul Gandhi amidst loud cheers from the gathering.
“Now, it is sure, that only one government can transform the system. Only one government can improve the conditions of education, health and infrastructure and that is a Congress government” said the Congress campaign head and urged the people to elect Congress candidates for proper development of West Bengal.
Full text of the speech by Rahul Gandhi addressing Congress workers at Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

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