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Friday, March 7, 2014

Rahul Gandhi: Congress fought with love and defeated the British. Similarly we will defeat BJP too

Rahul Gandhi: Congress fought with love and defeated the British. Similarly we will defeat BJP too
“The Congressfought with love and defeated the British. In the same manner we will fight with
love and beat the BJP” said Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Vice President, while
addressing a mammoth Congress rally in Aurangabad, Maharashtra on
Wednesday.  The young Congress leader
also took a dig at BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and said,
“Congress’ aim is to empower the people. That is why we initiated a right-based
approach and gave you the MNREGA, RTI, Right to food. But BJP wants to snatch
power of the people. While we want to open up the system, BJP prefers a closed
one. They want the entire power to go to a single person”.

While talking about
the upcoming Delhi- Mumbai, Delhi-Kolkata and Mumbai-Chennai industrial
corridors project Rahul Gandhi said, “.. Once this project is completed about
13 lakh youths will be provided with jobs. This new corridors will not only
benefit Maharashtra, but also several other states passing through this. We
will witness a manufacturing revolution soon. Earlier, China used to be the
main centre of manufacturing, globally and very soon India is going to take
that place. The corridor project is an effective step in this direction”.
Striking an
emotional chord with the women who were assembled in huge numbers, the Congress
Vice President continued, “Women are the pillars of our nation. But it is
unfortunate that they do not get proper respect and place in the society. This
must change. The Women Reservation Bill is still pending in the Parliament. We
will surely get it passed. You will soon see 33% of members in our Parliament
and Assemblies is women... Everyone is talking about India becoming super
power. But India cannot be a super power until we ensure that the 50% of our
population – the women- is empowered.”
“UPA made
three-times more roads than the NDA in 5 years. We make more roads and
infrastructure but also serve the poor better” argued Rahul Gandhi. “BJP and
its leaders talk loud about corruption. But they forget that its Chief Minister
in Karnataka – Yeddyurappa- had to go to jail on corruption charges. Three
convicted ministers are still there in Modi cabinet in Gujarat. But these are
not visible for BJP” added the Congress Vice President.
“There are six
anti-corruption bills still pending in parliament. BJP is not allowing its
passage; they call those Bills are of Rahul Gandhi. But these are not Rahul
Gandhi’s bills but of the people, the poor in the country. Corruption affects
poor the most” continued Rahul Gandhi.
“What has been
done in 60 years, BJP claims it can do in it in three months. This is a mockery
of the people as what has happened in the last seven decades is because of the
people. If India is progressing, that is because of the hard work of our
people.  BJP does not realise the power
of the people” said the Congress leader and added, “BJP thinks that one man do
all the development. But no country moves forward due to the efforts of a
particular individual. It is the people who develop a nation. It is not just
one person who can run a country; it is the people”.
Earlier Rahul
Gandhi also interacted with the students belonging to Tribal group in the
state. This was his first rally after the announcement of the schedule for the
coming Lok Sabha polls.

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