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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat: The job of a leader is not to give speeches but to listen to people

Rahul Gandhi talks on BJP, says Gujarat is shining only for handful of industrialists
Balasinor: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday launched a blistering attack on BJP and Gujarat Government led by BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. While addressing a huge Congress rally at Balasinor as part of his Lok Sabha poll campaign in Gujarat, the party voice President said that Gujarat is shining only for a handful of industrialists.
“The state government forcibly grabbed lands of poor farmers here. Did anyone could get a job? Thousands of acres of land were taken but there is no employment. The below poverty line figure is pegged at Rs. 11 in Gujarat but it is being publicised in the other regions of the country that Gujarat is shining. Kids die of malnutrition but BJP claims that Gujarat is shining. Yes, I agree, Gujarat is Gujarat is indeed shining but only for 10-15 rich industrialists and corporate houses; not for the poor, the women and the youth here” said Rahul Gandhi.
Attacking further the BJP and RSS, the Congress Vice President referred to the move of Modi government to build a huge statue of Sardar Patel and said “Sardar Patel had said that the ideology of RSS is poisonous which would kill the very soul of our nation. As I had said earlier, the BJP leaders spend most of their life with the RSS but never bother to know what Patel ji had said about RSS”.
“BJP leaders also talk about our rich tradition and culture. But they do not read history or mythology. They do not read Gita or similar books in which it is clearly written about our ideology. It has mentioned about our rich tradition of loving all, respecting all, brotherhood and about the necessity to take everyone along without any discrimination” he said further and added, “Now BJP wants to finish Congress but they never think who had formed the Congress party. It was Sardar Patel and Mahatma Gandhi who made the Congress party. By saying that they want to remove Congress, BJP wants to remove Gandhi ji and Patel ji. It wants to kill an ideology for which Gandhi ji and Patel ji had stood for throughout their life; and now, they want to build a statue of Sardar Patel!”
“There are two types of leaders. One who think people are wise and you can learn from them, like Mahatma Gandhi. He goes to them, asks them and learns from them. The thinking of this kind of leader is that it is the people who are repository of knowledge. Such a leader wants to understand people and has no pride. They realise that people possess the knowledge and have a mindset to learn from them. That is why Gandhi ji had gone to the people during Dandi march. They never show arrogance” said Rahul Gandhi and then went on further, “Then there is another kind of leader, whose best example is perhaps Hitler. Hitler thought there was no need to go to people. Hitler never realised the power of the people. He had believed that people possess no knowledge. He always thought that he was the epitome of knowledge. Such leaders need not go to the people. They just deliver big speeches, make huge claims and make tall promises. We need such leaders who realise that it is the people who put in their efforts for development”.
“BJP has no ideology, no revolutionary thinking. They have only anger, which they will give you and pit you against one another. We do not have any anger. We only have love and affection. We believe in the strength of our people” asserted Rahul Gandhi.
The Congress leader also slammed the BJP for blocking the anti-people moves of the Congress-led UPA Government at the Centre and said “In the last ten years of the UPA government regime at the Centre, we provided jobs to 5 lakh rural poor by MNREGA. We are guaranteeing food to about 80 crore people through the Food Security Act. But remember, when we were introducing these schemes, the BJP had opposed the move and said that such policies are a wastage of funds. When your land is taken away and something is snatched from you, then there is no waste. But it is wastage for them when you are given something, when the poor is given something.”
“The leaders from BJP talk about corruption. Three Ministers in Gujarat have gone to jail in corruption cases but they were not removed from the state cabinet. There was no Lokayukta in Gujarat till the Supreme Court intervened. Despite these, BJP leaders roam around and talk loud against corruption” said Rahul Gandhi exposing BJP’s double-speak on corruption.
Later Rahul Gandhi also interacted with the salt pan workers in the state.

Full text of the speech of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at public rally in Balasinore, Guajarat

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