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Friday, March 21, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in Himachal Pradesh: Congress will win next elections with the support of people

Rahul Gandhi in HP: For Congress, all are equal irrespective of their caste, religion or region
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a huge party rally at Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh as part of his ongoing campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha Polls. “Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state and so are its people” said the Congress leader striking an emotional chord with the people of the beautiful hill state. “Whenever I came here, people always talked about love, affection and brother hood. Many other states should learn from you” he added.
Highlighting the works done by the Congress government in the state, Rahul Gandhi said, “The Congress government has done a lot to improve the infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh. The state can never surge ahead without adequate infrastructure. We have improved the drinking water distribution system in Dharamshala, initiated irrigation using the Swan river at Una, developed industrial area at Pandoga and Kandrori, sanctioned Rs. 7000 crore and 62 new industries here. As far as to improve the connectivity, the work of Rohtang tunnel connecting Himachal Pradesh to Ladak is soon to be completed”.
To explain the Congress’ ideology, the party vice-president explained, “I also want to share with you how Congress works. There are two ways to do things. One is that of Gandhi Ji – to work with love, affection and brotherhood. That is what Himachal Pradesh taught us and the women assembled here teach us. The other way is to do things with anger – the politics of making people fight each other. Opposition must understand that they can achieve nothing if they follow this path”.
Rahul Gandhi then turned his attention to the women in the audience; “I see a lot of women here. I am happy to see them in large numbers. You had demanded for an increase of subsidized LPG cylinders to 12. As I had conveyed the demand for one-rank-one-pension scheme for Ex-servicemen, I had also conveyed this demand too to the Prime Minister. He took no time to take a decision as he was convinced that your demand is genuine. I also understand that even 12 cylinders are not adequate” he said and the crowd greeted it with huge cheers.
“50 per cent of our population is women. I dream for a day when 50% members in Lok Sabha and Assemblies are women. I want most of our ministers; Chief Ministers and even our Prime Minister are women. I want to empower you” he added and continued. “The opposition blocked the women reservation bill inside the Parliament. I asked some opposition leaders why they oppose this Bill. They say that if the Women Reservation Bill is passed, many of their seats will be reserved for the women and that will harm their interest. That is why they want to keep you outside the system”. “I want to assure you that Congress party will ensure reservation for women in Parliament and Assemblies as well as in our party. We also will ensure adequate youth representation” promised Rahul Gandhi
“Congress party belongs to all. It fights for the poor, downtrodden, youth and the women. We want to serve all without any discrimination. We want no one to lag behind. All are equal for us, irrespective of their caste, colour, religion or region” asserted the Congress leader. “We are going to face yet another election and with the support and affection of the people, Congress party will secure a big win. Please go the people and spread our policies and tell what benefits people get from our schemes and policies” concluded Rahul Gandhi.
Full text of the speech of Rahul Gandhi at Congress election rally in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

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